The Book! The Book!

A new Book — In the Potter’s Kitchen:

I’ve just been included in a new Book – In the Potter’s Kitchen.  By Sumi Von Dassow, a Potter in Colorado.  Actually, it’s some of my Pottery PHOTOS that have been included in a Book.  Said photos shot by Photo-Guy Husband (Robert) — He’s rather tickled.

Nearly two years ago, Sumi contacted me – She indicated she was putting a book together and asked permission to use several photos (and recipes) from my Blog.  Several Maasha Pots, a Cake-Stand by Steve Rolf, a stunning Salad Bowl by Julie Timm.  We all had to sign consent forms – And now, after much intense coordinating and editing by Sumi, the Book is out, available, published!!  Congratulations, Sumi — We all think it’s a bit exciting!


I even had a chance to have lunch with Sumi a few weeks ago, when she was in the Twin Cities for a Workshop.  She included sooooo much detail in the Book (and so many fine Potters).  Categorizing various ‘types’ of pots that we use in the kitchen, including quite a few Recipes, including step-by-step instructions on MAKING THE POTS.  Amazing effort — Wow!

Check the book out here –  In fact, if you have a Foodie/Potter in your life, this book might make a great Holiday Gift.

I’m sharing the Photos she chose, and a few extras, with additional pots by both Julie and Steve….

Cake Stand - By artist Steve Rolf

Above – This Cake-Stand by Steve Rolf is included in the Serving-Ware Chapter.
Featured in my posting on Dinner with Friends – 2012

Serving Platter - By artist Steve Rolf

Above – An ‘extra’ Pot.  This stunning Serving Platter with Rolled Edge is a favorite Steve Rolf Pot (not in the Book).

Salad Bowl - By Artist Julie Timm

Above – This stunning Salad Bowl by Julie Timm (with gorgeous Salad) was chosen for the Inside Cover in the Book.
Featured in my posting on Dinner with Friends – 2011

Serving Bowl - by Artist Julie  Timm

Above – An ‘extra’ Pot.  This very Origami/Geometric Bowl by Julie Timm is a new favorite – And just in time for Thanksgiving, really shows off Steamed Brussel’s Sprouts with Bacon, Carrot, and Lemon Zest (not in the Book).

Finally, one of the Maasha Pots included in the Book….

Baking Dish Soda Fired - By artist Marcia Paul

Above — A Marcia Paul Octagonal Baking Dish (with Chicken Enchilada Bake), included in the Oven-Ware Chapter.

And that’s the latest Book-Excitement!  Do check it out —


5 thoughts on “The Book! The Book!

  1. I’m thrilled for both you and Bob. I think this book needs to be on my cook book stand in my kitchen near the very casserole dish pictured in the book and some of your other much loved art work. And I will gift one to my niece Chris.
    Very nice!

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