New Pots – Tasty Autumn Soup!

Soupilicious — Carrot-Fennel Soup!

October is zipping by — It’s been such a GORGEOUS Autumn!!  And I’ve been busy making Pots.  And for the past several weeks, enjoying visits with my friends during their Autumn Pottery Sales.  I’m sharing a few of my latest acquisitions….


Above — A delightful (somewhat asymetrical) Bowl in a favorite white Glaze.  By Jim Lorio of Colorado.


Above — A stunning Plate/Platter — Wonderfully wood fired!!  By Zac Spates of Wisconsin.


Above — A Treasure!!  A lovely (wood fired) Pitcher — By Lindsay Oesterritter of Kentucky (an APF Artist at Northern Clay Center).  Love the Form!  Love the construction of the Spout!   A Link —

All this lovely Pottery (and lovely Autumn weather) has inspired me to try a few new Soups!  I stumbled on a recipe for Carrot/Fennel Soup.  I thought the flavors sounded heavenly — I had to try it.  And of course — I had a (recently acquired) PERFECT Bowl (wood fired) by Simon Levin of Wisconsin!!


The Food – Carrot/Fennel Soup with Sauteed Apple:

I think I crave the color orange in the fall!  When it comes to food, that usually means pumpkin or squash.  So I was thrilled when I stumbled  on a recipe for Carrot and Fennel together in a Soup!!  I sauteed onion and fennel (with a bit of crushed fennel seed).  Added Yukon Gold potato, plenty of carrots (sauteed a bit).  Then simmered all in chicken stock (with a bit of white wine).  Finally, pulverized with a hand-held blender….

A truly HEAVENLY (flavorful) Autumn Soup!!  With a garnish of sauteed apple (pear would be fine also).  Soupilicious!!  This soup would be wonderful for the Holidays!

I found the recipe at Sweet Paul Magazine — I’ve included my ‘adapted’ version on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – Simon Levin Bowl:

This very orange soup would look wonderful in just about any bowl.  But I recently acquired a stunning, very wood fired Bowl, made by Simon Levin of Wisconsin.  The bowl — Gorgeous on its own; perfect with the bright soup contrasting against the smokey/ashy/grey rim!


Simon recently returned from a kiln-building stint in China.  So glad he’s back in the USA, with his wonderful, GORGEOUS pottery!  A Link —

And hope everyone has been enjoying a lovely October!  I’m sharing a few last photos — Husband and I were just out for a walk in our neighborhood (wishing these colors could last forever)!!



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