October!! Already?

Apple Season — Apple Cobbler in Linda Christianson Baker:

I’m not sure what happened to September (I’ve certainly been delinquent about posting here on my Blog).  I spent one (very busy) weekend helping out at a Pottery Sale at Guillermo Cuellar’s Studio.  I spent the next weekend relaxing at my Wisconsin Farm – Enjoying the gorgeous Autumn Color!  I can’t believe it’s already October.  Time for Apples — Buckets of Apples, and Apple Cider, and Apple Cobbler, and Apple-Everything-Else!


First – A few photos from my Farm Trip:


Above — Small red barn nestled against a hillside full of Autumn color.


Above — A weathered old barn peeking out from golden leaves and grasses.


Above — I’m calling this the WOW-Tree!  Amazing color — A stunning sculpture in the middle of a cornfield!

The Food – Apple Cobbler:

The Pottery Weekend at Guillermo’s was busy and totally fun.  I always enjoy hanging out with pottery friends.  And of course, I picked up a few new pots and plates and even a new Linda Christianson Baking Dish!!  With a bag full of Apples (from a friend) — I simply had to make a simple Autumn Apple Cobbler.

Woodfired Baking Dish - by Linda Christianson

I peeled and chopped about six apples; tossed with spices and a bit of sugar (and a drizzle of Maple Syrup).  I mixed my always-reliable Cobbler Dough together.  Finally, I half-filled the Baking Dish with apples; I blopped about six cobbles on top; a dusting of sugared cinnamon — And popped in the oven.  About 35 minutes later — Wonderful, comfort-food Apple Cobbler!

Totally Autumn-Yummy!  With a scoop of Vanilla Gelato — A perfect October dessert!!

The Pottery – Linda Christianson Woodfired Pottery:

Linda  Christianson is a much-loved Minnesota Potter.  I’ve attended several workshops with Linda — Her work is gently wheel thrown (kick-wheel), thoughtfully assembled, and wonderfully wood fired.  I’m tickled that I finally had a chance to find a few special pieces that definitely belonged in my life.  The rectangular Baker, perfect for my tasty Apple Cobbler.  And a charming Bowl for serving my Cobbler-with-Gelato!!

Woodfired Bowl - Linda Christianson

Linda Christianson is one of the Potters with the St. Croix Pottery Tour (every Spring).  You can see a bit more of Linda’s work at her Web Site — www.ChristiansonPottery.com


Happy October everyone!  Happy Apple Season!!



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