Back from Vacation….

Corn and Seafood Chowder:

We recently returned from a late Summer Vacation.  Just like last year, we were too busy to think of anything too far away.  So we threw our bikes in the car and zipped up to northern Minnesota.  We started out on the edge of the Iron Range — Gorgeous (ancient, left-over) mountains, stunning blue lakes, and the Mesabi Bike Trail!  We enjoyed some biking and kayaking!

Next we moved over to Lake Superior, the North Shore — For more biking along the Gitchee Gami Trail, and plenty of hiking up the many rivers and waterfalls tumbling into the Great Lake.  My favorite waterall — Pigeon River Falls (the highest in Minnesota) at the Canadian border!  Sharing a few Photos….


Above:  Hiking up (and up) along the Temperance River


Above:  Biking the Gitchee Gami Trail along Lake Superior — Stopping at Rocks at Gooseberry Falls.


Above:  A favorite — Pigeon River Falls at Canadian Border

And now that we’re back, a bit of frustration — My OVEN is misbehaving.  An ‘electronic’ thing — Two service visits so far, and still not fixed.  But I don’t need an oven for a delicious Soup!  With the last of our Minnesota Sweet Corn, I’ve prepared a tasty Seafood Chowder!


The Food — Seafood Chowder with Summer Corn:

A light, creamy, late Summer dish.  I threw together sauteed bacon, onion, carrot, herbs.  Then a tasty broth with both clam juice and chicken broth — A quick simmer, with some potato chunks (Yukon Gold).  Then finally, a bit of cream, some lovely fresh Cod, and those corn kernels.  A really tasty (late Summer) Seafood Chowder!!  And I didn’t need an oven!

I have a very similar Recipe for Corn and Scallop Chowder, on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Jim Lorio Bowls:

I’m serving my Seafood Chowder in a favorite Soup/Pasta Bowl, made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio — Stoneware, white silky glaze.  I LOVE these Bowls (of course I have several) — I love the size, I love the glaze!  I grab them almost every day — They’re so handy!  So perfect for a colorful, late summer Chowder!!

Hope everyone is still enjoying the last of Summer!  And here are a few more vacation photos…


Above:  View out over Lake Superior (at the Canadian Border)



2 thoughts on “Back from Vacation….

  1. Breathtaking photos! Our great nephew went to school in Duluth and can’t leave, he loves it so much. Outside Magazine voted it best place to live in the U.S. I think we need to take our bikes up there next summer and check out the scenery. Maybe after our annual visit to your beautiful home… Thanks for sharing.
    Judi and Jerry

    • Hi Judi — Yes! Duluth (and the North Shore) is a Mid-Western surprise!! The steep hills plunging into the Lake, the Victorian homes, the waterfront (another Bike Trail) and the big Iron-Ore Ships. Then the entire North Shore is (mostly) awesome, rocky-shore Great-Lake. You should definitely plan a trip!!

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