Summer Corn — Happy Pasta Plate

Finally — Summer Corn!!

It’s been a crazy, crazy Summer!  First, a very late Spring, then a super-wet, soggy June.  Everything has been late arriving at the markets and food-stands.  Strawberries — Late.  Tomatoes — Late.  Corn — LATE!


But finally, corn has happened!!  I’ve been enjoying corn-on-the-cob for several weeks already.  With dinner, sometimes for breakfast, so much chomping.   In fact, I’m ready to slice those tasty kernels off the cob and throw them in to some other dish — A chowder, a pasta, a salsa…..

Scallop/Corn Pasta - Twist Plate by Marcia Paul Pottery

The Food — Pasta with Scallops, Roasted-Tomato and Corn:

This Pasta Topping came together with summer flavors in mind.  First I found some lovely Bay Scallops at my market.  Then some local zucchini, then some fresh Shiitake mushroom.  I already had some roasted tomato.  I tossed some fettucine with a (recently made) sun-dried tomato pesto — (Sun-dried tomato and almond).  And then mixed in those happy corn kernels.

WOW — All the flavors and textures worked together so well — Delightful, bright and summery!!  I’ve already made this several times.  And I’ve included the Recipe — On my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — MaashaClay Twist-Plate:

For presentation, I chose one of my MaashaClay Twist-Plates — Stoneware, hand-built, geometric designs with slips and ash glazes.

Twist Plate - by Marcia Paul Pottery

I love making these ‘Twist Plates’ !  I love creating the ‘overlapped’ (twisted) constructional statement.  They work well as plates, pasta plates, even platters.  I often soda fire them (with ash glazes), but I certainly enjoy trying out some geometric designs (tape-resist) for a non-soda firing.

A perfect plate — For enjoying my tasty Scallop/Corn Pasta!!

Wishing everyone a HAPPY (with plenty of summer corn) Summer!!

And you can certainly check out a tasty Corn Salad that I posted last year!!

Scallop/Corn Pasta - Twist Plate by Marcia Paul Pottery


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