Summer Snacks – On Long Trays

Summer Freshness:

Minnesota is FINALLY enjoying a bit of Summer.  Sooooo much rain through all of June.  A pleasant (but somewhat chilly start to July).  But now, FINALLY — It looks like we can enjoy some consistent SUMMER days!  So I’m enjoying some fresh goodies (produce) from the markets,  pulling out my favorite long trays, and throwing together some favorite (simple) summer snacks.

Wood Fired Tray - Zac Spates

Above — Tasty (colorful) Summer Tomatoes — On a favorite Wood-Fired Tray, made by Zac Spates, of Wisconsin.

Wood Fired Tray - Artist Jim Lorio

Above — More tomatoes, with fresh mozzarella slices and a bit of basil.  Simple Caprese arrangement on a new Long Tray made by Colorado artist, Jim Lorio.


Above — I really love this simple tray.  The white, glossy shino glaze down the center; the rich, dark-toasty, textured rim.

Long Tray Soda Fired - Artist Sandra Shaughnessy

Above — A bit of sweet and salty — Fresh Melon with Prosciutto.  On a Long Tray (soda fired), made by Minnesota Artist, Sandra Shaughnessy.

Soda Fired Tray - Artist Sandra Shaughnessy

Above — A favorite Long Tray in my life.  The form, graceful-but-fun — Porcelain, hand built, soda fired.  Always enjoy Sandra’s free-spirited work!!

Hope everyone is enjoying Summer — And tasty summer freshness!

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