Red, White, and a bit of Blue

Happy Fourth-of-July!!

Just sharing some Red, White, and Blue from some previous Postings!  Wishing everyone a delightful (and very tasty) July-4th Weekend!!

Strawberries - MaryKay Botkins Bowl

Above — Fresh Strawberries in a favorite hand-built Bowl made by Illinois Artist, Mary Kay Botkins.

Strawberry Shortcake - Mark Pharis Plate

Above — Strawberry Shortcake (YUM) on a favorite Plate made by Minnesota Artist, Mark Pharis.

Blueberries - Sarah Jaeger Bowl

Above — Fresh Blueberries in bright/white Bowl made by Montana Artist, Sarah Jaeger.


Above — Tasty, refreshing Watermelon on Soda Fired Tray — A MaashaClay Tray.

Blueberry Crostata - Marcia Paul Cake-Stand

Above — A delicious Blueberry Crostata on Cake-Stand made by Marcia Paul (MaashaClay).

A very HAPPY Fourth of July everyone!!

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