Tiramisu in Ani Kasten Bowl!!

Tiramisu for my Birthday!

June — I have a Birthday sometime this month.  The exact day does not matter – I just think of the entire month as mine, totally mine.

In other words – I can celebrate all month.  Delicious dessert after delicious meal, followed by more delicious dessert – All month!!  So I am sharing an absolutely divine Tiramisu prepared in a fabulous new Big Bowl made by artist, Ani Kasten.  Actually, I acquired the Bowl last month during the St. Croix Pottery Tour – And I consider that my ‘early’ Birthday-Present-to-Myself!!  So here is my Birthday Treat — My new Bowl with my Birthday-Tiramisu….

Tiramisu - Bowl by Ani Kasten

The Food – Tiramisu:

I so love Tiramisu – Especially a deep, rich-flavored, ultra-creamy Tiramisu.  But I’ve never had my own go-to recipe.  I searched a bit on the web, and decided on a recipe from one of my favorite Food Blogs (UseRealButter.com).  It called for Kahlua (instead of the more classic Marsala) — I pretty much LOVE anything with Kahlua.

Tiramisu with Kahlua

Instead of the usual purchased ladyfingers (spongey cookies) — I made my own sponge cake.  Sliced it up, and assembled in the Bowl (like a Trifle).  Layers of espresso-dipped cake, with more layers of creamy mascarpone/Kahlua ‘custard’ — All dusted with fine cocoa powder.  So maybe I actually made a Tiramisu-Trifle??  In any case — It was sooooooo delicious.  Creamy, rich, heavenly!!  Swoon….

Again, I found the recipe on a favorite (totally enjoyable) Food-Blog — www.UseRealButter.com
      Here is a direct Link to the Recipe — http://userealbutter.com/2014/05/22/tiramisu-recipe/

The Pottery — Bowl by Ani Kasten:

Serving Bowl - By Ani Kasten

I chose to assemble my Tiramisu (Trifle?) in a truly awesome Bowl, made by Maryland artist, Ani Kasten.  Ani has been a guest-artist with the St. Croix Pottery Tour for the past few years — Her work is awesome.  She creates both functional and sculptural work — Her forms are minimalist but so intriguing!  With her strong textured (distressed) surface treatments — I find her work delightful, free-spirited, suggesting something ancient and mysterious.

And I am thrilled that I could make such a delicious/heavenly Tiramisu in my very own Ani-Bowl!!

Do check out her work on her Web Site — www.AniKasten.com

And that is the tale of my Birthday Month!  And my Birthday (Tiramisu) Treat!  Hope everyone is having a great Summer — And enjoying tasty treats all month long!

Tiramisu - Bowl by Ani Kasten





3 thoughts on “Tiramisu in Ani Kasten Bowl!!

  1. happy birthday, Marcia – enjoy the month and all those desserts! love the bowl. i too am a huge fan of Ani Kasten – inspiring work!

  2. I hope you continue to have a GREAT birthday month. Your Terimisu looks wonderful and the bowl is very nice too.

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