Small Plates — For Rhubarb-Custard Squares

Springtime Rhubarb!

Spring has been sooooo late this year!  Or at least, very slow to fully arrive.  I just ran down to my Farm in Wisconsin — Yes, things were lovely and green — It was ‘partially’ Spring.  But the Lilacs were not even out!  And some trees had NO leaves yet.  It all looked so lovely and refreshing — But also, a bit undecided.  It’s LATE MAY, and things looked more like late April….


In any case, I am sharing a few more Springtime pics….


Above — On the hillsides, the forest colors were still a delicate mix of soft new-leaf greens and yellows (and pinks).


Above — My sister and a brother had been working hard to get the ponds cleared (algae and stuff).  It really was ALL lovely!!  Across the large pond; woodshed against the hillside.


Above — Fresh Rhubarb!  A cousin (farm down the road) harvested a bag-full of rhubarb stalks for me.  Bright red to light green, full of tangy-tart flavor.

Once I got back home, I started searching the web for a new recipe.  I was in the mood for something easy but ‘custardy’.  Rhubarb comfort-food!


The Food — Rhubarb Custard Squares:

I found a recipe for an easy ‘pastry’ crust (flour / sugar / butter).  Then an easy custard (cream, sugar, egg, vanilla) — With lots of chopped rhubarb (and candied ginger) mixed in.  Just poured the custard over the crust, and baked.  It all worked — The crust was delightful (cookie-like), the custard-with-rhubarb (and ginger) was rich but tangy-tart.  All flavors nicely balanced. — I would make this again!!

And totally delicious with a dollop of whipped cream (with a bit of mascarpone) — Great for dessert, and definitely enjoyable for breakfast!!

Recipe included on my Recipes Page.


The Pottery — Small Maasha Plates:

These Rhubarb Custard Squares are perfect for serving on any small plate — And I just happen to have quite a few (many) Small Plates in my life!  I’m sharing Rhubarb Squares on several small Maasha Plates….

A stack of small square plates — Stoneware with a bit of ‘corduroy’ texture on an edge, slips with ash glazes.  Also, one of my small overlap plates — Stoneware, soda fired with various ash-splashed glazes.


Rhubarb Custard Squares— Yummy on Small Plates….

Happy Spring everyone!  Wishing you all lots of Rhubarb!!




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