Two Busy Weekends — Now Recovering

Two (VERY busy) Artsy Weekends:

Two weeks ago, I was busy (indescribably busy) getting ready for my Open-Studio Sale with Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour.  Then, one week ago, I relocated myself up to Taylors Falls to help out with the St. Croix Pottery Tour.  Now that both weekends are behind me, I’m finally recovering — Finally getting my life back together, finally making pots again, finally posting on my Blog.

Lake Minnetonka Tour:

First, our Studio Tour — Wonderful/delightful Event!!  Thank you so much to EVERYONE who came out!  We had a great time sharing our studios and our work.  I loved hosting Guest Artists, Sandra Shaughnessy and Catherine Lynch!  And we were so honored that Em and Martha, from Continental Clay stopped by!!


Above — Quite a few of my Envelope Vases marched out the door.  I have a few left, with happy flowers.

St. Croix Tour:

Next, I always help out at the St. Croix Pottery Tour, at Guillermo Cuellar’s Studio.  He often starts the weekend with an absolutely delicious Paella Dinner.  Then, for the entire weekend, we’re NON-STOP busy!!  And we always have a great time!  It was wonderful to see everyone who stopped by, and how much everyone LOVES pottery!


Above — Gigantic pan of Paella (tasty, soooooo tasty) over an open fire.


Above — Tables and tables and tables full of pots.  Photo actually from last year, because too (non-stop) busy to take photos this year.

A Few Pots (with a bit of Food):

Of course, throughout the weekend, I found a few pots to add to my own collection.  Quiet pots, awesome pots, stunning pots — All created by wonderful potters and friends!  As a first installment of my ‘newest’ St. Croix Pots, I’m sharing a Chicken Stir-Fry with Snow Peas and Shiitake.  Served on a rustic, wood fired slab Plate/Tray made by Wisconsin Artist, Randy Johnston.  And a perfect bowl of Rice in a wonderful wood fired Bowl made by Wisonsin Artist, Simon Levin.

StirFry with Rice - Randy Johnston Plate with Simon Levin Bowl

Above — All gorgeous wood fired!  A tasty Chicken Stir-Fry on a rustic Plate/Tray by Randy Johnston; Rice Bowl by Simon Levin; small ash-coated Vase by Dick Cooter.

Slab Plate Woodfired - Randy/Jan Johnston

Above — This may be the super-find of the weekend.  A gorgeous slab Plate with ash and single bright flash (and mark from shell).  By Randy Johnston of Wisconsin.

Rice Bowls Woodfired - Simon Levin

Above — Two lovely (lovely) wood fired Bowls with stunning flashed interior.  By Simon Levin of Wisconsin.

And that’s my life for the past two/three weeks.  Two Art/Studio Tours, two weekends of INTENSE busy!!  Now I can enjoy a late Spring in Minnesota.  Happy mid-May everyone!

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