Excited – Arts Tour this Weekend!

Excited and BUSY!!

Our Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour is THIS Weekend!!  And, like every year, I’ve been frantic/busy, but totally excited!  Prepping my home, prepping/cleaning my studio, baking all day (yesterday), prepping more today.  I’m hosting two wonderful Guest Artists:

Sandra Shaughnessy — Delightful soda-fired Pottery
Catherine Lynch — Lovely abstract Painting

We have a great collection of 27 AWESOME Artists!  Do check out our Web Site — www.LakeMtka-StudioTour.com
And Facebook Page!

Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour - 2014

I’m sharing some of my latest Pots….


Above — I’ve been making many (many) small Tumblers.  Perfect for wine, or juice, or champagn, or……

Cake Stand - Marcia Paul Pottery

Above — A delightful small Cake Stand — Really had fun with the slips for glazing, soda fired.

Cake Stand with Pastry - Marcia Paul Pottery

Above — Small Cake Stand with yummy Pastry (a Pear Financier).  I can’t wait to make more of these Stands for all kinds of pastries!!

Lovely Bowls soda fired - Marcia Paul Pottery

Above — Several Bowls, various shapes and sizes, soda fired.

And now — Cant’ wait for our TOUR to begin TOMORROW.  Hope you can stop by for ART!



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