New Bakers – Springtime Lasagne

New Wonky Baking Dishes:

The first of my new Bakers has been fired (soda fired).  Just as I had hoped — They make a fun center-piece on the table.  I’m sharing one of the smaller ones — With tangerines and grapes.  So far, I’m quite happy with how they’re turning out!  I’ve got more in the kiln — We’ll be unloading tomorrow!

Baking Dish or Centerpiece - Marcia Paul Pottery

And, of course, they’re really fun for BAKING.  I’ve definitely been ‘testing’ them out — Baking whatever I can think of throwing together; all kinds of mixed-up, tasty concoctions….

Lasagne with Sweet Peas and Shiitake Mushroom - Marcia Paul Pottery

Above — I tried a totally new Springtime Veggie Lasagne!

The Food — Springtime Lasagne with Shiitake Mushroom & Sweet Peas

I recently discovered a Lasagne Recipe using a mixture of Sweet Peas and Ricotta cheese (pureed together).  I was intrigued, and also inspired to add a few other ingredients.  I decided to include Shiitake Mushroom and Leek.  All topped with Mozzarella.

WOW — It worked!  It was all amazing, Springtime delicious!  Husband and I loved every cheesy bite! It was soooooo delish, I actually made it AGAIN.  And garnished with asparagus bites.  Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

Springtime Lasagne - Baking Dish by Marcia Paul

The Pottery — Maasha Pots

Yes, I’ve been trying out my new wonky bakers!!  Wonky but functional!  Stoneware, thrown and (very) altered, soda fired.  I can’t wait to make more of these.  Like those below — They are so much fun to make!!  And they are so intended for yummy food!

Happy Springtime (finally) everyone!



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