A New Normal / New Wonky Pots

Coming out of Blog-Hibernation….

Yes, I’m calling it Blog-Hibernation.  I’ve definitely been hibernating — At least with my Blog postings….

It’s been such a long, cold, difficult Winter.  I’ve been SO busy (soooo busy) getting ready for our Arts Tour — Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour.  Brochure design, mailing lists, promotional materials, etc. etc.  And then when things were most intense (frozen well, leaking roof), Husband was suddenly diagnosed with diabetes!  What!?!?  Where did this news come from??

I don’t usually share things too personal here on my Blog, but this really kind of twisted our world sideways.  Testing blood-sugar levels several times a day, getting used to meds, and trying to figure out what foods are OK??  I’m still so baffled!!  Foods that we generally believe are ‘healthy’ and reasonable, are suddenly suspect.  Honestly, I just lost all interest in foods entirely.

Now, after several weeks of this (and a follow-up visit to the doctor), things appear to be ‘under control’, stablizing.  I guess we mainly need to adjust to smaller portions of carbs (pastas, rice, beans, etc.) – And more salads.  And only ‘careful’ desserts.  So I thought I would share a simple (very simple) non-carb meal — A happy Omelet with a topping of Mushroom, Leek and Roasted Tomato.


The Food — A Simple Omelet:

Thinking low-carb, I’m sharing a very simple lunch (or breakfast) – A simple Omelet with a Tomato/Mushroom Topping and small salad on the side.  Topping of sautéed mushroom, leek and roasted tomato.  All earthy/tangy tasty with a sprinkle of fresh thyme.  All delicious and satisfying!  Presented on one of my own Maasha Plates – Stoneware, carved rim, slips and ash glazes.

Some Pottery — New Wonky Pots: 

And, in spite of being baffled (and super-super busy with our Tour) – I’ve managed to make a few new Pots.  Totally new!  Some fun Wonky Baking Pots.  Thrown on the wheel, then distorted into something ‘free-form’, a slab bottom added, and wonky handles.  I’m making some small (for a baked appetizer, perhaps), and some large enough so they can also be used as a centerpiece on the table.


Above:  I’m sharing several pots — Dried clay, waiting to be bisque-fired.  I can’t wait to glaze and fire these!  I can’t wait to BAKE something in these!  Something low-carb of course.

Wishing everyone a pleasant early-April (here in Minnesota we’re expecting a major snowstorm).  And because I’ve been so busy with our upcoming Tour (only one month away) — I’m wrapping up with our latest ‘Info Card’….


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