Must. Have. Chocolate.

Chocolate-Almond Cookies with Orange Icing:

OK — I was unable to post anything last week.  With our never-ending bitter-cold winter, we found ourselves, last week, dealing with rather disruptive ‘house’ issues….

1) Ice dams on our roof (with leaks and drips over our kitchen sink).
2) Frozen well-pipe — NO WATER for several days (workman trying and trying to thaw us out).

Apparently, after such a continuously cold winter, the frost-line has moved so deep, many people are experiencing frozen (underground) pipes.  And husband had to go up on the roof (with mountain-climbing rope and harness) to remove snow and ice.  So we were a bit preoccupied last week with house issues, and recovery efforts — Couldn’t cook, couldn’t do much potting, etc. etc.

Chocolate-Almond Cookies - Mike Helke Plate

But now that we’re finally back to normal, I Must. Have. Chocolate!  It’s a ‘celebration’ thing.

The Food — Chocolate-Almond Cookies with Orange Icing:

I thought I would try a new recipe for Chocolate-Almond Cookies — Actually, little cakes baked in cupcake pans.  Flourless — Chocolate, ground almonds, orange zest.  Baked quickly, finished with a quick dab of Orange Icing — Butter/sugar, mascarpone, orange zest.  Heavenly flavors together.  HEAVENLY — A perfect ‘chocolate’ ending after a crazy, difficult week.

Because this was a ‘new’ recipe, I feel I need to play with some ‘adjustments’ before I include the recipe here with my Blog.  In the meantime, if you’re dying for your own chocolate adventure, here is a link to my (very similar) Chocolate-Almond Flourless Cake.

The Pottery — Mike Helke Plate:

Square Plate - by Artist, Mike Helke

I am presenting a few of my just-baked Chocolate-Almond Cookies on a fun Square Plate made by Wisconsin Artist, Mike Helke. Mike is a fun guy — His work is fun!  Fun but thoughtful.  Often very ‘constructional’ with ‘blocky’ architectural statements.  I love the Lidded Vessel below!!

Mike will be participating with the St. Croix Pottery Tour this year in May.  To check out more of his work, here is a Link  —

Lidded Pot - by Artist, Mike Helke

I’m loving the fun, festive look of my Chocolate Cookies on my colorful Mike Helke Plate.

And — Wishing everyone a Happy Mid-March!  Hope that winter is finally winding down for you!  Hope you may enjoy some chocolate in your life.

Chocolate-Almond Cookies - Mike Helke Plate

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