A Taste for Tacos

Actually — Pork Carnitas with Quesadillas!

I’m kind of celebrating….  It’s been an amazing, bitter-cold Winter — And through the entire deep-freeze, I’ve been truly busy/preoccupied with the planning/prepping stages of our Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour (every year in May).  I’ve been absolutely consumed with the coordinating, designing, printing our Brochure!!  And it’s now DONE!  The designing is done, the printing is done — Our Brochures are READY!!  And it’s still February!  And I can now make POTS!!  I can actually get back to clay and make pots!!

So I am celebrating!  Such a major project now behind me.  I’ve already made a number of bowls and mugs.  I’ve been having fun with some rather funky baking dishes.  I am celebrating!  I’ve also had a major taste for Tacos (all year).  I finally got some of the fixings and made some (ground beef) Tacos!  Then, I turned right around and made a big batch of Pork Carnitas for more Tacos.  I’m celebrating — And I’ve really, really had a taste for Tacos.

Pork Carnitas - Plate by Guillermo Cuellar

The Food — Pork Carnitas as Tacos:

I’m calling these ‘almost’ Tacos — (open-face Tacos).  Instead of wrapping things up in a tortilla, I prepared simple Quesadillas (tortillas with melted cheese), and then served the Carnitas on top.  For the Carnitas, I used a ‘blade’ pork roast, cut up a bit into large chunks, browned in a large Dutch Oven.  I added sauteed onion (with garlic and cumin seed), then a package of Frontera-brand Carnitas Sauce.  I also added other good stuff, because I like plenty of tasty sauce — Chicken stock, beer, some additional enchilada sauce.  I brought the liquids to a light simmer.  I covered the pot with foil (and a lid) — And shoved into the oven.  I cooked slowly for two hours.

When done, I shredded the meat (so tender) and added it back to the sauce — Pork Carnitas!  I served with Quesadillas, spicey black beans, corn, lettuce and mango slices.  Oops, I forgot to get tomato, but I actually had some mangoes in my life.  In any case, all so warm-me-up yummy/satisfying!!  Perfect for the middle of winter!!

Note — Yes, for my Tacos and Carnitas, I really like Frontera-brand Sauces (Rick Bayless/PBS).  Easy and always tasty!

Platter - by artist Guillermo Cuellar

The Pottery — Plate by Guillermo Cuellar:

I’m serving my hearty Carnitas/Quesadillas dish on a favorite plate (platter) — Made by Minnesota Artist Guillermo Cuellar.  Thrown on the wheel, then altered to a rectangular form.  Stoneware with a simple glaze and a ‘ladled’ design.  Yes, this is actually a platter, but it’s so much fun filling it up with everything for my dinner — Carnitas and ALL the tasty accompaniments.

Pork Carnitas - Plate by Guillermo Cuellar

And if you’re interested, I featured Guillermo (with Warren MacKenzie) in a Posting a few years ago….

– Previous Posting — Guillermo/Warren MacKenzie
– Slide Show — Sharing the Fire

And again — So pleased that our Brochures are done!! And our group can now look forward to our Tour in May!  www.LakeMtka-StudioTour.com

Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour - 2014

Finally:  For anyone Twin Cities/local, I’m really pleased with the Printer for our Brochures — PressWrite Printing (Bryan Miller) in St. Louis Park.

2 thoughts on “A Taste for Tacos

  1. Yummy! I will have to try those this weekend! Love the beautiful platter too…fitting for a well deserved celebration!

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