New Snow – Gorgeous!

Snowfall — And Salmon with Winter Hash

We just got a major snow fall yesterday (and all through the night).  Right now, snow coating all the tree branches, everything — Gorgeous, lovely.


And we enjoyed a tasty dinner last night — Balsamic Roasted Salmon with a tasty Winter Hash.  After a very busy (but productive) week, and warmer temperatures for a few days — It was fun to celebrate another snowfall with a simple, earthy (and winter-tasty) dinner.  A fire whispering in the fireplace; snow falling outside.

The Food — Salmon with Winter Hash:

Roasting Salmon is sooooo easy — I simply swizzle in a lite mixture of olive oil and balsamic, just to coat.  I place on a baking tray lined with parchment; bake in 400-degree oven for exactly 20 minutes.  Perfect, moist, delicious.

Salmon on Square Rimmed Plate - by MaashaClay Pottery

For the Winter Hash, I roasted ahead of time — Yukon potatoes, sweet potatoes.  I sauteed a bit of smokey bacon, red onion, mushroom, a bit of chard.  Tossed it all together and called it Winter Hash.  Wonderful mix of flavors and textures.  And together with the Salmon, a just-right winter (snowfall) dinner!!  Comfort-food, delish!!

The Pottery — Square-Rimmed Maasha Plate:

I chose to serve my colorful Salmon/Hash Dinner on a favorite Maasha Plate (almost a Platter) — Stoneware, hand-built, slips and ash glazes (with tape-resist design features).

Square-Rimmed Platter - by Marcia Paul Pottery

I love making these plates/platters — Creating a very ‘constructional’ statement with the rim.  I’m anxious to dash down to my studio and make more!!  And, they provide a delightful way to enjoy a tasty (Salmon/Hash) dinner!!

Hope everyone is getting through this (crazy) Winter OK!!

Salmon on Square-Rimmed Plate - MaashaClay Pottery

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