Show Opening – MinneSoda Clay

A SHOW opening this Friday – Edina Art Center!! 

Just letting everyone know, I’m part of a Show of Minnesota Soda Fired Work!!  Eight (awesome) Minnesota Potters!


We’re all excited about the Show (and the Opening)!!   A THANK YOU to Sandra Shaughnessy and Leila Denecke — Together they conceived and created the Show.  I thought I’d share some of their work….

Pitcher and Tumblers - by Sandra Shaughnessy

Above — Stunning Pitcher with Tumblers by Sandra Shaughnessy.  Sandra often incorporates a leaf/bud motif in her work.  Gorgeous soda-flashing!!

Sake Ewer - by Leila Denecke

Above — A very intriguing (Japanese-Inspired) Sake Ewer by Leila Denecke — Lovely form, lovely flashing!!

Blade Sculpture - by Leila Denecke

Above — Leila Denecke creates both functional and sculptural work.  She often includes serious texture which contrasts beautifully with the warm, toasty soda-flashing.

Lemon Bars on Square Plate - by Marcia Paul

And YES!  We will definitely have REFRESHMENTS!!  I’ve prepared a big batch of Lemon Cream-Cheese Bars (with plenty of Strawberries).  I’m sharing them on a square/cut MaashaClay Platter — Soda fired with slips and ash glazes.….

If you’re in the Twin Cites, hope you can stop by for a MinneSoda Clay Valentine’s Outing!!

Link —
Link —

And here is one more Sandra Shaughnessy Pitcher….

Soda Fired Pitcher - by Sandra Shaughnessy

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