Winter Cheer — And Winners!!


I’m celebrating the Winners of my recent (Anniversary) Pottery GiveAway!  Yes THREE Winners — Nephew loves drawing Names; I love sharing Pottery….

So I’m announcing Winner #1 — Betsy Curtiss in Virginia, who wins the soda fired Maasha Plate!!


I’m also announcing Winners #2 and #3 — Amy Brown in Virginia wins a set of two small Tumblers, Ellen Clancy in Massachusetts wins a smallish (soda fired) Bowl.  CONGRATULATIONS to all three Winners!  And THANK YOU everyone for following my Blog and submitting Comments!

Pottery on the Table - by Marcia Paul

Too Much Winter:

And now — A few comments about Winter….

To be blunt — I’m tired of Winter!  We’ve been snowy and cold (very cold) since the first week of December.  And January was the coldest (Polar Vortex, etc. etc.) in twenty years.  And with another recent snowfall, Husband has been up atop our house (in mountain-climbing harness) shoveling snow off our very steep roof.


I’m TIRED of Winter — I’m tired of the bitter cold, I’m tired of the huge piles of snow along the roadways, in every parking lot.  I’m tired of temps too cold to ski.  I’m tired of feeling stuck in the house.  This is known as Cabin Fever?

To cheer myself — I thought I would share a few photos from previous (winter) posts….


Above — Happy yellow Tulips in wood fired (MaashaClay) Pitcher/Vase.


Above — A Winter Breakfast of French Toast and Berries — Served on a Simon Levin square plate.


Above — Another cheerful bunch of Flowers in a wood fired vessel.

And that’s my Winter Cheer.  Hope everyone is getting through this crazy Winter.  And again, CONGRATULATIONS to three Winners!

2 thoughts on “Winter Cheer — And Winners!!

  1. Hey Marcia. I’m excited to receive my beautiful plate. I’m in Virginia though…not Maryland…wanted to make sure you had the right address ;-).


  2. I’m going right out and buying me some flowers! I think that’s the only antidote! Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful pots.

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