Photo Shoot and a POTTERY GIVEAWAY!!

TableTop Arrangements:

WOW – I sooooo LOVE the latest issue of ACC Magazine – The TableTop Issue.  Several Artists featured with delightful arrangements of tableware – Joseph Pintz, Tara Wilson, Paul Eshelman, Diana Fayt, Jason Bige Burnett, Heather Mae Erickson.  How could I not love this??  As a Ceramic Artist/Foodie/Blogger — I really enjoyed the article; appreciate the images.

Check out American Craft Council — I hope this Link works for everyone….

Just for fun I had to try shooting my own ‘arrangements’  — With a few of my latest pots.  Husband (Photo-Guy) graciously pitched in — Between business meetings.  We usually shoot in photo room, with light tent, lighting, etc.  Instead, we moved a small table over to a large window (before the sun came fully around), tried a few different arrangements, tried a few shots, a few different lenses, a few more shots.  FUN!!  The results – I’m sharing below.  Thank you to ACC for the inspiration….

Pottery on the Table - by Marcia Paul

TableTop Arrangement — With Square Plate, Bowls, Leaf Plate, small Tumbler – All soda fired.

Pottery on the Table - my Marcia Paul

TableTop Arrangement — With Square Plate, Bowls, Leaf Plate, woodfired Bucket with Reed Handle.

Anniversary GIVEAWAY:

And now, it’s time to CELEBRATE – It’s time for my Blog-Anniversay-GIVEAWAY!!

I’ve been Blogging for FOUR FULL YEARS!!

Again, it’s been fun and ever-interesting.  I’ve loved sharing — The Food, the Pottery, the Photos, the Recipes, my NEW Web Site, my thoughts….

So I’m celebrating a FOURTH YEAR of Blogging with another Give-Away — I’m offering a Maasha-Plate!  YES, the same Plate featured above, in my TableTop Set.  Handbuilt, soda fired, with slips and ash glazes.


How To Enter (very simple):

1 –You send in a COMMENT (click on ‘Comments’ below) — USA/Canada only, please.

Let me know if you’re a fellow Potter, a fellow Foodie, a fellow Blogger, or anything else you wish to share.  Yes, you may enter more than once; and feel free to tell your FRIENDS to enter!

2 — I will compile all Comments received by Deadline of FRIDAY, January 31st (Midnight)

3 — My Nephew (who is now EIGHT) will draw a winner (He’s been doing this for four years).

4 — I will announce the Winner on the following Blog Post.  (I will contact Winner to obtain ship-to address)

And to EVERYONE reading my Blog — Again, THANK YOU for your interest!!   I look forward to another year of Blogging!!

Happy (very cold) January everyone — Hoping to hear from you!

Pottery on the Table - by Marcia Paul

17 thoughts on “Photo Shoot and a POTTERY GIVEAWAY!!

  1. great photos! just love your work and your delicious recipes. it’s a real treat to log on to your blog, especially in the gray of winter to see your glorious warm colored glazes! i’m a fellow potter, a handbuilder, working out of the Potters Shop and School in Needham, MA.

  2. Marcia! I so enjoy your blog and seeing you at MNWCA events:) I don’t know if I had a chance to tell you that I have started my own blog (eek): (Also, you can see some of my in-progress work here: I’m having fun.
    Will look forward to seeing you at the next MNWCA do!

    • Hi Amanda — Thank you for Comment on my Blog! And yes, I checked out your Maker/Schemer blog when you first announced it. Looks like you plan to have FUN! Thanks again — Marcia Paul

  3. Maasha, I love the new design and the new location for your photo shoot. They complement one another, as if you brought in a twig from the trees in your yard and dropped it on the plate or in the bowl. This cold weather is stimulating your brain. Good show!

    • Hi Judi — Thank you for your comments on my twiggy new work. Actually, I’m just having fun with some special brushes that I made. Glad you like the new ‘setting’ by the window; we’ll likely try that again. Hope you’re staying warm — Marcia Paul

  4. I love your beautiful pottery, I always seem to buy as gifts and not for myself, even though they are hard to part with.
    I am happy to hear you are on the tour, I used to do the tour at my home also!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Kari Erickson

    • Hi Kari — Thank you so much for your comment on my Blog! And the compliment! And yes, I know you were previously one of our Tour-Artists — Hope you can stop by this year. — Marcia Paul

    • Hi Francine — Thank you for your Comment on my Blog! Nice to hear that ‘twiggy’ look is catching on. Actually, I’m just having fun with a new Brush…. Thanks again — Marcia Paul

  5. Loving the colors and movement on your plate! Really enjoy your blog, I’ve been following for years…keeps me motivated! Thanks for sharing a great piece by ACC. Love your new photos…I will have to try some myself. From one potter to another, thanks for the continued inspiration.


  6. Hi Marcia-san, I always love your blog and Bob-san’s photos! I sometimes try your recipes, but nothing has been as good as the ones you’ve cooked for me… Looking forward to seeing you again soon:)

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