Happy New Year – With Gingerbread!

Very Gingery Gingerbread:

OK – I admit, I took a break from Blogging….

But I do hope everyone enjoyed the HAPPIEST Holidays!!  And I wish everyone a happy and meaningful New Year!!


With my (older) son visiting from Japan, I became non-stop busy – Errands, constant cooking, outings, visits, errands, more cooking, more visits.  Somehow, just before Christmas, I found time to help unload a kiln from the latest firing – In 10-below-zero temperatures.  And then a trip to Chicago for a lovely visit with Tani relatives – A fantastic Christmas Dinner, new babies, and new puppies.

And now I’m back home and ‘recovering’ from all that Holiday Buzz — And enjoying a few minutes just for myself.  That means sitting by the fire and enjoying a Holiday Treat — Gingerbread with Custard Sauce (and more good stuff).

Gingerbread - Plate by Mark Pharis

Above – Gingerbread with Custard Sauce (and Dried Cranberries) on Mark Pharis Plate.

Gingerbread - Plate by Marcia Paul

Above – Gingerbread with Custard Sauce (and pistachio dust) on MaashaClay Plate.

The Food — Gingerbread with Custard Sauce:

I’ve always enjoyed Gingerbread, even as a kid.  Every winter I wanted Gingerbread with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.  Now, just a ‘few’ years later, I crave a slice of really moist, tasty Gingerbread with lots of good creamy stuff on the side.  I don’t need the maraschino cherry.

I recently found a tasty-sounding recipe (in our Mpls Star Tribune)  — I absolutely had to try it.  Lots of fresh Ginger!!  Other ingredients — Cinnamon, cloves, molasses, maple syrup.  I made two loaves of Gingerbread; then I whipped together my creamy Custard Sauce (with a touch of Grand Marnier).  I served on two different plates — With whipped cream and a tweak of pistachio dust.  Sitting by a fire in the fireplace — Gingerbread was so spicey, yummy-yummy!

Recipe included on my Recipes Page!

The Pottery — Two Dessert Plates:

I had fun choosing two different plates for my Gingerbread.  One, a favorite, made by Wisconsin Artist, Mark Pharis — Hand-built, with very constructional statements; a very opaque, creamy white glaze.  I LOVE special desserts on this plate!!

For a second plate — I chose a Maasha Plate.  Stoneware, hand-built, soda fired with ash glazes (and more ash).  I certainly enjoyed my gingery Gingerbread on this plate as well!

Two Dessert Plates - Mark Pharis and MaashaClay

And that’s the news about my Holiday Celebrations.  Again, wishing everyone a wonderful NEW YEAR!!

Gingerbread - Plate by Mark Pharis


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year – With Gingerbread!

  1. We missed you at Christmas, but I’m glad you had a good visit with family in Chicago. Bob was an excellent host and the food was terrific as usual. Thank you so much for the beautiful mug and bowl! I just love it! Happy New Year!

    • Hi Marcia — And Happy New Year to You!! Sorry I had to miss everyone’s Christmas (such a crazy time)! Glad you enjoy pots — Of course, you know there are more available if you want more. Stay warm this weekend — Marcia Paul

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