Snow Day / Soup Day

First REAL Snowfall — With Broccoli/Corn Chowder:

Yes, our first REAL snowfall (I love it when it snows ALL day)!  Of course, we’re only at about 4 inches; Duluth (northern Minnesota) is already at 2 feet, sigh. In any case, perfect weather for a thrown-together soup — A light-but-hearty Broccoli/Corn Chowder.

I’ve been making quite a few ‘new’ bowls, (featured in a previous posting) — And now I’ve gotten a few more from the last firing.  New forms, new surface and brush treatments.  Having fun with B-Clay (lovely flashing in soda firing)!

Two Bowls / Soda Fired - by Marcia Paul

Above — Two latest Bowls / Wheel-thrown, B-Clay, Soda Fired.

Serving Bowl Soda-fired - by MaashaClay

Above — (From previous post) New Bowl, rim with surface decoration, wheel-thrown, B-Clay, soda fired

The Food — Broccoli/Corn Chowder:

Broccoli/Corn Chowder - Bowl by Marcia Paul

A simple, tasty, chowder (Bacon optional).  I first sauteed my favorite smokey bacon, then onion with garlic.  Then added plenty of chicken broth to a light simmer; then Yukon Gold potatoes (chopped/diced).  Once cooked, some heavy cream (I like my chowders with cream), then chopped broccoli and corn kernals (frozen or fresh), and finally, the reserved bacon.  Seasoned with lemon and fresh thyme.  I suggest serving with crusty bread (or crackers); enjoy next to fire in fireplace!

Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Maasha Bowls:

I served my tasty, snow-day chowder in a new Maasha Bowl with a lightly decorated rim — B-Clay, soda fired with slips and ash glazes.  I so enjoy making bowls (always relaxing) — And I’m definitely having fun with the new ‘decorative’ directions with both B-Clay and stoneware.  Does that mean I need to keep making more soups??


And now, it looks like I need to get out there and shovel more snow (again).  It is definitely still snowing!  Happy December!!

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