Happy Thanksgiving — Pumpkin Bars

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m sure we’re all quite busy today — The day before a holiday.  And even though I’m not doing an actual TURKEY DINNER this year, I’ve been non-stop busy this week.

– Glazing and loading the kiln for soda firing
– Prepping my house and studio for my Holiday Sale later this week
– Baking (and baking) Holiday Refreshments for my Sale
– Preparing a ‘few’ dishes to share (smoked salmon, butternut squash) at the Thanksgiving gathering


And did I mention my Holiday Sale this weekend — www.DeephavenArts.wordpress.com.  I’ll be serving tasty holiday goodies, like Pumpkin Bar Bites!!

Pumpkin Bar Bites - Plate by Marcia Paul

The Food — Pumpkin Bars:

Just in case you’re tired of pumpkin pie, but you know you need ‘something’ with pumpkin flavor — I thought I would share something just a bit different.  Pumpkin Bars, made with cake mix; fairly easy.  Using a ‘yellow’ cake mix, I prepare a ‘crust’ in a 9 x 13 baking pan, I mix the pumpkin puree with the usual — Sugar, egg, evaporated milk, spices — And pour over the crust.  Finally, I mix a portion of the dry cake mix with brown sugar and butter to create a streusel topping — Sprinkled over the entire filling.  It bakes up nicely — And I slice into many squares.  Pumpkin Bar Bites!!

I’ll be serving at my Holiday Arts Sale this weekend, starting Friday!  And, I’ve included the Recipe on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Maasha Platter:

I’ll be offering my Pumpkin Bar Bites (and other refreshments) on my own Maasha Platters and Plates.  In this instance, one of my smaller Platters with a carved rim — Stoneware, with slips and ash glaze.  Actually, the Pumpkin Bites stack up quite nicely on any Pottery — Perfect for serving, and enjoying a quick bite of the holiday season.

Pumpkin Bar Bites - Plate by Marcia Paul

Finally, wishing everyone a happy and safe and thankful Thanksgiving!!


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