Chilly Weather — More Soup

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Pancetta:

I realize my most recent, previous Posting included a soup (Kale/Potato/Carrot/Bean).  But, at the risk of becoming monotonous, I’m sharing another soup….

It’s mid-November — We’re finally experiencing some (very) crisp, chilly weather.  In fact, it was very chilly loading a kiln, just yesterday.  But chilly temps are perfect for hot, tasty/rich soup.  And a perfect way to share some of the new pottery — New (wood fired) Soup Bowls made by Zac Spates.  And then there’s the additional fact that my husband is recovering from recent dental work — And he is requesting ‘just soup.’

Creamy Mushroom Soup - Bowl by Zac Spates

The Food — Creamy Mushroom Soup with Pancetta:

I recently stumbled on a recipe for Mushroom Soup, made with Pancetta — The flavors sounded great!  I had to try it!  Starting with sauteed onion and garlic, then plenty of mushrooms — Porcini (dried then soaked), Shiitake, and Crimini.  Then a light saute of chopped Pancetta.  Then a gentle simmer with chicken stock and herbs (thyme and rosemary).  Finally, a bit of heavy cream and whirl with a hand-held food processor.  Creamy and absolutely delicious!!  I served with a garnish of roasted tomato (also delicious).  My husband said — “mmmmmm — Awesome good”  I will definitely make this soup again!!

And I’ve Included the Recipes for BOTH recent Soups on my Recipes Page!

The Pottery — Wood Fired Bowl by Zac Spates:

Creamy Mushroom Soup - Bowl by Zac Spates

I’m serving my tasty Mushroom Soup in a Bowl that I recently acquired from Wisconsin Artist, Zac Spates — Wood fired in his new kiln!  I love the simple but generous form, and the wood fired markings, flashing with drips and ash!!  I’m really enjoying Zac’s work; the earthy/rock-like statement — Perfect for a fine-but-earthy Mushroom Soup!

And my husband really likes the faceted, wood fired Tumblers — For hot cider?  For cold beer?  For hot cocoa?

Stoney Tumblers - Zac Spates

And TWO Events this Week:

– Just a reminder — A Workshop with Steve Rolf on the 15th.
– And this Sunday, November 17th — The Holiday Open House at Northern Clay Center!!

Check out the Weekend Events Page on my Site.

Brrrrrr — Hope everyone is enjoying a tasty Soup this month!!

5 thoughts on “Chilly Weather — More Soup

  1. Okay, you can put four or six of the faceted, wood fired tumblers on my wish list for July, or earlier if you feel like shipping them. Will be trying the soup soon!

    • Hi Judi — Glad you like those Tumblers! And yes, they’re actually Zac Spates Tumblers. However, I’ve been making quite a few Maasha-Tumblers lately, and we’ll be doing a ‘special’ firing next month. I’ll let you know how they turn out. — Marcia

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