Happy Halloween — Big Bowl of Candy!

I’ve been busy this week — This is always an unexpectedly busy time of year.  Making pots for upcoming holiday sales.  Making, glazing (frantically glazing?), loading the kiln, firing — And tomorrow, unloading the kiln.  And at the same time, I’ve been selecting pieces for different galleries and sales — And that means decisions (what pieces go to which venue), and then pricing and tracking.  Busy week.

But today is Halloween!!  I thought I’d take a minute and say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  With a big bowl of Halloween Candy!  And some spooky Corn Bundles against a stormy sky!

Halloween Candy in Pottery

Corn Bundles - Wisconsin Farm Field

The Pottery — Maasha Bowl:

A Maasha Bowl — Usually, a serving/salad bowl, stoneware, slips and ash glazes.  Undeniably, the BEST way to offer candy to the neighborhood ghosties that come howling at the door later tonight.

Serving Bowl - by Marcia Paul

ART ATTACK this Weekend:

And with the first weekend of November; this Weekend is ART ATTACK at Northrup King Building — (Northeast Minneapolis)!  A weekend full of ART!!  Painting, Pottery, Fiber, Pottery, and More….

More Info on my Weekend Events Page!

And a frightful, howling, Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween Candy in Pottery

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