Autumn Color – A Bowl of Chili

Autumn Leaves / Black Bean Chili with Squash:

It’s already mid-October; I feel like I’ve been busy EVERY weekend – With Art Events, with Pottery Events, even an Architecture Event….

Autumn Color - Wisconsin Farm Fields

I finally found a chance to run down to my Wisconsin Farm for a long weekend!  We enjoyed a lovely, totally pleasant drive down the Mississippi River; there was still quite a bit of autumn color on the trees along the bluffs.  And once we arrived at the Farm, in the very hilly ‘Driftless’ area of Wisconsin, the country views and vistas were still colorful, gorgeous, stunning.  We enjoyed some (sudden) cool, crisp weather, a bit of clear blue sky, and then a bit of autumn rain.  I’m sharing a few photos – And a tasty bowl of Autumn Chili as well….

Autumn Color - Wisconsin Farm

Above — Just down the road, an Amish farm.

Autumn Color - Wisconsin Country Road

Above — One of our favorite biking roads, all uphill!

Autumn Color - Wisconsin Barn

Above — Across the valley, a bright red barn surrounded by Autumn color.

Autumn Color - Wisconsin Corn Harvest

Above — Ready for harvest, a single corn bundle.  Love the form.

The Food – Black Bean Chili with Roasted Squash:

With the (finally) cooler weather, I’ve been wanting a big bowl of ‘Autumn Chili’.  My Turkey and Black Bean Chili — Dark, earthy, smokey chili with chipotle chilis and a hint of cinnamon.    I’m also craving some autumn flavors, like Squash and Pumpkin.  I thought these flavors would work well with my Chili.

Black Bean Chili with Roasted Squash - Bowl by Jim Lorio

I cut up a Butternut Squash, tossed with olive oil (and a slight dusting of crushed cumin seed), and roasted in the oven.  To my big bowl of Chili, I added plenty of (white) cheddar cheese, and a generous sprinkle of the Roasted Squash.  It really worked!  The flavors of the Chili and the Squash balanced perfectly — Totally yummy, total Autumn comfort food!

Note — Chili recipe already available on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – Soup Bowl by Jim Lorio:

I’m serving my ‘Autumn Chili’ in one of my recently acquired Pasta/Soup Bowls made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio.  They’re so practical, and such a perfect size.  And I love the silky, snowy white glaze!

Two Soup Bowls with White Glaze - by Colorado Artist Jim Lorio

I always prefer my Chili in a wide bowl, so that I have plenty of ‘surface area’ for any topping.  A perfect set of bowls for my Autumn Chili with Squash (and Cheese)!

And one more Pottery Event this Weekend….

Wood fire artist, Zac Spates, is holding his October Pottery Sale this Saturday, the 26th – Just outside of Hudson, Wisconsin.  Woodfired Pizzas all day.  More info on my ‘Weekend’ Events Page.

Autumn Color - Wisconsin Corn Field

Hope everyone is enjoying a colorful Autumn!!


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