Autumn – Pottery and Flavors

Another Pottery Tour (and Wine-Braised Chicken):

We’re enjoying a rather gorgeous Autumn!!  Comfortable temperatures, warm days, slightly crisp nights, fabulous Leaf-Color!  And a different Pottery Event every weekend….  In fact, this weekend — A Pottery Tour just across the River in Wisconsin!  The ‘Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour’ with Host Artists Steve Rolf, Randy Johnston, Joe Singewald, Jay Jenson, and plenty of Guest Artists.  I LOVE the textured Serving Platter, below, made by Steve Rolf!  For more info — I’ve included a ‘Latest Event‘ Page on my Web Site.

Textured Serving Platter - Artist Steve Rolf


And along with Autumn Events, I’ve been busy making plenty of pots (hope to load the soda kiln next week); and I’ve certainly been in the mood for Autumn flavors and foods.

The Food — Wine-Braised Chicken Thighs:

One dish that always seems perfect for Autumn — Chicken Thighs braised in Red Wine, with Porcinini and Pancetta.  I saute onion, plenty of garlic, pancetta, and porcini mushroom.  Separately, I brown the chicken thighs.  Then, in a big pot, I add the thighs, the sauteed onion mixture, and plenty of liquid — Chicken stock, red wine, tomato paste.  I cover and braise (in the oven) for 1-1/2 hours.

Wood Fired Plate - Artist Simon Levin

Absolutely amazing flavors!!  I love the intense, earthy flavors of the ‘red wine/tomato’ sauce; with the very tender chicken thighs!  I usually serve with creamy/cheesey polenta (above) or even garlic mashed potatoes.  Note — Recipe included on my Recipes Page!

The Pottery — Plate by Simon Levin:

Because Simon Levin is a Guest Artist at Steve Rolf’s this weekend….

I’m serving my Braised Chicken Thighs on a square, wonderfully wood fired plate made by Simon Levin.  Simon’s work is always gorgeous, stunning!!  I love the amazing wood fired statements, and the torn edge — Contrasting with the simplicity of the plate.

The rusticity of the plate is so perfect for my hearty/earthy Braised Chicken and Polenta!

Square Wood Fired Plate - Artist Simon Levin

Hope everyone is enjoying a gorgeous (and tasty) Autumn!


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