Cups in Cubbies – And Winners!

The Winners of my Pottery GiveAway:

YIPPEE — I can announce the Winners of my latest Pottery GiveAway.  I was offering three separate pieces — The first Winner is Mahdi, from Texas — Who chose the Octogonal Baking/Serving Dish.  The second Winner is Elsie, from British Columbia, Canada — Who chose the Silky White Baking Dish (made by Jim Lorio).  And, actually — I’m still waiting to hear from the third Winner.

Congratulations to the Winners!  And THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who shared your Comments, and ‘Likes’, and ‘Follows’!!

Octogon Baker - MaashaClay Pottery

And now — Cups in Cubbies:

As a Potter, I have many small cups in my life.  Many small Japanese Tea Cups (Yunomi), many very small Japanese Sake Cups, many other small cups.  I enjoy making small cups; I enjoy acquiring them; I just enjoy small cups as ‘works of art.’  How to honor, or display my cups?  I love wooden ‘containers’ with compartmentalized statements — Like old wooden boxes; old wooden crates with ‘cubby holes.’  They offer a perfect means of displaying my small cups (or even other Pottery).

I’m sharing a few of my ‘Cubbie / Cup’ Collections….

Japanese Sake Cups in Wooden Box with Cubbies

Above — Just this past summer, I was wandering through an antique shop; I found a wonderful old wooden box with compartments.  I knew they would be perfect for my favorite Sake Cups.  Most are Maasha Cups (some wheel thrown, some hand-built).

On the upper row, the ‘white’ cup on the left is made by Japanese Potter, Hironobu Nishitateno.  The ‘white’ cup further on the right is wood fired, made by Paul Dresang, of Illinois.

Porcelain Wine Tumblers - MaashaClay Pottery

Above — I have a number of old wooden boxes (and small crates) in my garage.  I refuse to throw them away.  I think this one makes a delightful display box for my bright, happy Wine Tumblers (porcelain, hand-built, soda fired).

I’ve been busy making more Sake Cups — They’re really so much fun, and they lend themselves to tumble-stacking (any which way) in the kiln!  I guess I’d better start looking for more wooden boxes (with cubbies).

Happy October everyone!  And Thank You again for all your recent Comments!!

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