Pottery Events – Tasty Workshop

This Weekend – Several Events….

An exciting Weekend ahead — American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center.  So many fine Potters (and pottery) from around the country.  Some great events, discussions, workshops, more!!  Opening Friday Evening, through Saturday and Sunday.

For more Info — www.NorthernClayCenter.org

And also, on MONDAY, at Edina Art Center — A Workshop on the Connection of Pottery and Food.  With Robbie Lobell, ceramic artist from Washington State.  Robbie specializes in ceramic cookware (flameware) — Beautifully designed, for both function and style!  I’ve already purchased a lovely Baking Dish — Simple but stunning.  I immediately made a very tasty (yummy) chunky Potato /Mushroom Bake.


The Food — Potato/Mushroom Baked Dish:

This ‘Potato Dish’ is so tasty/addicting — With Yukon Gold potatoes (partially cooked), sauteed leek, smokey bacon, and sauteed mushroom with rosemary.  All baked with a bit of Trugole cheese.  It makes a great side dish, for dinner, or breakfast.  And with Manchego cheese (and maybe Serrano ham), it makes a great Tapas Dish!!

The Pottery / The Workshop:

The ‘Potato Dish’ baked up perfectly in my new Baking Dish.  Robbie Lobell’s Cookware is truly designed for all cooking activities and temperatures.  I love the integration of functionality with styling.  Delightful to work with, bake with, AND present at the table!  A few more examples of Robbie’s work (Images from her Web Site).


And the Workshop….  I will definitely be attending the Workshop at Edina Art Center!  After all, ‘Pottery-With-Food’ is the reason I write this Blog….

For more Info about the Workshop, best to start with Facebook Page:


And more Info on Robbie Lobell’s very special Cookware:



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