The North Country

Minnesota Vacation:

OK – I’m a bit delayed in my Postings.  Husband and I just ran away for a ‘North Country’ Vacation.  We saw a HOT week looming ahead in Minneapolis; our air-conditioning suddenly quit; we simply took off for the Minnesota ‘North Shore’ — That’s Highway 61 along Lake Superior, all the way to the Canadian Border!!

And yes, everything was BEAUTIFUL (and cooler) – Lake Superior (awesome), the leftover ancient mountains, the forests, the rocks and cliffs, the waterfalls, the rivers for canoeing.

Poplar River Rapids - Minnesota

Above — Rapids on the Poplar River (we enjoyed canoeing calmer waters above the rapids)

Lake Superior - Old Shacks - Minnesota

Above — Rustic, very weathered shacks on Lake Superior

Poplar River Falls - Minnesota

Above — Looking down on tumbling waters of the Poplar River

We enjoyed the fresh air; we enjoyed a few hikes; we enjoyed good food.  The BEST chocolate malt in Grand Marais; and later, a lovely dock-side dinner at Angry Trout Café – Where they serve dinners on Dick Cooter Pottery.

The Food – Late Summer Pizza (with Smoked Salmon):

Now that we’re back home (and it’s cooled off a bit in the Twin Cities) – We’re still relaxing with ‘vacation’ foods.  We picked up some incredible North Shore Smoked Salmon (Russ Kendall’s is the BEST).  A truly tasty late-day nibble — Tender, moist, (heavenly) brown-sugar-glazed Smoked Salmon, with a few slices of honey-dew melon.  Presentation on a favorite Wood Fired Platter made by North Shore artist, Dick Cooter.

Smoked Salmon - Platter by Dick Cooter

Then, with a few extra bits of salmon, we made a Pizza — An amazing, flavorful Late Summer Pizza.  With Smoked Salmon, sauteed apple, shiitake mushroom and summer corn — So easy with Naan for the crust.  First I smeared a very thin layer of Chevre, then added the ingredients, then sprinkled grated Fontina cheese.

OMG — So delicious!  The flavors worked so well together; so balanced!  Every bite — Absolutely amazing, fantastic, delicious!!

Smoked Salmon Pizza - Platter by Dick Cooter

Note — We actually made SEVERAL of these Pizzas, all wonderful, delish!!  And yes — I included this in my Recipes section.

So that’s the news about our North Country vacation.  Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday weekend!!

One more (favorite) photo — Lake Superior Fog….

Lake Superior - Island Fog - Minnesota

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