A Bowl Full of Fresh Summer Corn

A tasty Summer Corn Salad!


A few weeks ago, good friends from Chicago, Judi and Jerry, stopped by for a visit (on their way up to northern Minnesota).  We always enjoy seeing them.  I ALWAYS serve salmon for dinner; we ALWAYS grill shrimp for on-the-deck snacking.  Judi brought a tasty, refreshing, corn dish — Roasted corn with bacon, avocado, and feta cheese.  Now, a few weeks later, with so much fresh summer corn — I HAD to make it again!!


The Food — Summer Corn Dish:

Such an easy dish! I did not use roasted corn — I simply used corn (steamed), cut off the cob.  Then I mixed in sauteed (cut up) bacon, crumbled feta cheese, cilantro, a generous squeeze of lime.  I added the avocado as a garnish — Because, (confession), I don’t care for avocado when it’s all mixed in.

Finally, after shooting the photo (above), I mixed in some spicey black beans.  All ‘ingredients’ totally yummy — A refreshing (colorful) Summer Corn Dish (a Corn Salad)!

The Pottery — Square Bowl by Colleen Riley:


I recently added a lovely Square Serving Bowl to my life.  Made by Minnesota Artist, Colleen Riley — Stoneware, hand built, soft white glaze with areas of textured leaf pattern.  Colleen’s forms are always lively but refined; her glaze treatments generally incorporate much pattern, inspired by nature, and by fabric designs.  This new bowl was so perfect, and inviting, for presenting the Corn Salad!

Colleen Riley along with husband, Donovan Palmquist — Together they are Eureka Pots, just outside of the Twin Cities.  Do check out their Web Site — http://www.EurekaPots.com


Hope everyone is enjoying Summer; and plenty of summer sweetcorn!!

In fact, you might want to check out my Posting a few years ago — A Corn Chowder with Scallops.

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