Peaches for an Artsy Weekend

Peaches, and Art Fairs, and Artists….

August has arrived.  Here in Minnesota, we’re expecting a weekend of gorgeous weather!!  Wishing I had out-of-town plans — But instead, I’m enjoying a lovely summer life at home.  In addition to making my daily quota of pots, I definitely plan to stop by the Uptown Art Fair and visit a few potter/artist/painter Friends.

I also have peaches on my mind — Tasty, elegant, enticing Peaches-on-Pottery!


Above — Peaches going playful; lined up on a NEW wood fired Long Tray — Made by Wisconsin Artist, Zac Spates!


Above — Peaches cut up and ready to become Simple-Breakfast — In a favorite Bowl made by Illinois artist, Delores Fortuna!

Art Fair Weekend:

An artsy weekend in Minneapolis.  Actually, there are THREE Art Fairs happening at the same time — The Uptown Art Fair, Powderhorn Art Fair, Loring Park Art Festival.  I’ll be stopping by Uptown — I’m delighted that a few out-of-town Pottery Friends are participating.

Delores Fortuna — Lovely Porcelain work with stunning geometric glaze treatements.  From Galena Illinois.

Joe & Christy Cole (Windy Ridge Pottery) — Delightful wood fired work.  From Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

‘Nishi’ Nishitateno (Nanten Pottery) — A Japanese Potter now living in northern Illinois.

Winthrop Byers — Lovely pottery with perfect ash glazing.  From Rock Springs, Wisconsin.

And also….

MiYoung Lee — Long-time friend and Painter from Austin, Texas.

Bob Briscoe — Friend and awesome Potter.  From right here, Minnesota.

My sincere apologies if I left someone out!  I must get going before things get too crowded!!

And here is Link —


Happy Summer Weekend (with tasty Peaches) everyone!

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