A Summer Pasta

Panning for Gold….

WOW — July is nearly over; it’s feeling like we’re finally into a Minnesota Summer.  So I recently threw together a refreshing Summer Pasta.  Almost a salad, but really a tasty, satisfying Pasta Dinner.  And I definitely had fun with the dish I chose as a ‘pasta bowl’ — A very simple, very rustic, Gold-Panning Bowl, made by David Peters, of Montana.

David Peters Pottery with Pasta

The Food — Pasta with Asparagus, Porcini, and Prosciutto

For my tasty Summer Pasta, I chose a ‘wrapped-over’ pasta (Garganelli).  I then tossed the cooked pasta with plenty of basil pesto — Added sauteed mushrooms (both Crimini and Porcini), already-steamed asparagus, sliced/chopped Prosciutto, and some bits of oven-roasted tomato.  I threw in some pine nuts, a bit of grated cheese (Trugole) and called it an amazing, refreshing Summer Pasta!


Really enjoyed the wonderful flavor contrasts — The earthy Porcini, with the perfect-salty Prosciutto, with the tangy roasted tomato.  Lovely (simple) Summer Pasta!!

David Peters Pottery with Pasta

 The Pottery — Rustic Bowl by David Peters

For my ‘earthy’ pasta I chose a very special rustic Serving Bowl, made by Montana artist, David Peters — A Gold Panning Bowl.  David Peters uses local clays (very groggy/gritty) and wood fires his work.  I LOVE the rusticity, the very minimalist, utilitarian ‘gold pan’ form, the subtle wood fire markings.  I LOVED my pasta in this bowl!!


A few years ago, I featured a smaller Bowl with similar form; it’s still a favorite.


So — Happy Summer (almost August) everyone!!

And just wondering — Has anyone ever panned for gold?

One thought on “A Summer Pasta

  1. Yes…A friend and his sons panned for gold up in Washington state, but it’s back-breaking work, so most people use other methods…sluice, metal detectors, dredging…got a few small nuggets, but it’s not the most fun in the world! M. LahLoo

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