New Plate – Salmon Coconut Curry

Latest Soda Firing – New Plate, New Bowls:

WOW — Summer is zipping by!  I’ve been having fun lately — Working with a new clay (a white stoneware), trying out some new glaze combinations, and hoping that things turn out acceptably in our soda firing.


I’ve also enjoyed a visit from my son, Reid.  He’s quite a foodie and we mainly went out to restaurants while he was here — But we also grilled some salmon, and then made a tasty Salmon Curry.


The Food — Salmon in Coconut Curry Sauce:

With my son here, it was a perfect chance to try out a new recipe — Salmon Coconut Curry.  I easily threw together the ‘sauce’ — Sauteed onion, chilis, spices (plenty of ginger), coconut milk.  Then I added already-grilled salmon, frozen peas, and also snow peas; chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lime.  I thought the smokey grilled flavor of the salmon would add depth to the coconut tones of the dish — It was truly wonderful-tasty.  And summertime easy!

I’ve included the Recipe on my Recipes Page.  I was inspired by (although I modified) a recipe from a fellow Minnesota Blogger — Check out FiveAndSpice.

The Pottery — Maasha Plate (and Bowls):

I’m presenting my Salmon Curry on a Maasha Plate, a recently fired, square, rimmed plate/platter — Stoneware, hand built, with slapped-all-over ash glazes.  I actually glazed this piece differently, but the glaze didn’t ‘take’ correctly — I had to wash it off, and then decide on a totally new glaze application.  This is the result.  It turned out rather ‘wild’ and earthy and intriguing.

An absolutely dramatic way to enjoy my Salmon Coconut Curry!


And because I’ve been working with a new ‘white’ clay, I’m sharing some of the results.  Actually, the clay itself is not ‘new’ (I’m using B-Clay from Continental Clay); it’s just that whenever we switch claybodies, we need to be aware of ‘adjustment’ issues.  In my case, I’ve been making a series of Rice Bowls, all hand-built with textured exterior.  I needed to adjust to the different behaviors of the clay; I needed to test some different glazes on this ‘new’ claybody (for compatibility and ‘fit’).  And, I’m really thrilled with the very lovely soda ‘flashing’ on the exterior!!


Above — I used a very dark, silky blue/black satin glaze to contrast with the gold slip.


Above — Again, I love the rich flashing on the exterior!


And that’s how I’ve been having fun — Hope everyone is enjoying a very pleasant summer!!

6 thoughts on “New Plate – Salmon Coconut Curry

    • Hi Sue — Thank you for your compliment on the plate. And yes, B-Clay is quite nice to work with, and so lovely in atmospheric firings. I had been avoiding it, because white clays tend to remain so ‘sticky’ when handbuilding. But, I’ve got the ‘timing’ and techniques figured out — And it’s now great for handbuilding, as well as throwing.
      Thanks again — Marcia

    • Hi Renee — Thanks so much for the compliment! They were definitely fun to make; and they really do have a wonderful ‘feel’ now that they’re done. I’m certainly making more, although I don’t know when I’ll fire next.
      — Marcia

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