More Berries — And a WINNER!

Summer Strawberries:

Finally, after such a late Spring, and late Summer — We’ve got super-tasty Strawberries!!  It’s JULY — And we’ve finally got Strawberries.


But even with late Strawberries, it’s time to announce the WINNER of my Summer Give-Away!!

Give-Away Winner:

The Winner is Elaine Dee, in British Columbia, Canada!!  By random drawing, she wins the Maasha ‘Envelope Vase’ — CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine!!

And Thank-You to EVERYONE – For all your comments!!  And FYI — I’ll definitely be offering another Summer Give-Away (in a few weeks)!  Anyone who entered this, most recent, Give-Away, is ALREADY entered for the NEXT!!


Those Berries:

Berries!  I’m so thrilled with our late (tasty) strawberries — I’m eating them for breakfast!!  A simple (easy) sponge cake with cut-up strawberries.  Along with a cup of coffee, I have no problem calling it a quick, Berry-Breakfast!!


And of course, WHOLE Berries belong in a BOWL!  I think they look quite luscious in a white-glazed, pedestal bowl; a Maasha Overlap Bowl — Stoneware, hand-built, with slips and ash glazes.  Actually, at this point in mid-July, I think strawberries would look great in any sort of bowl.


Happy Summer everyone!  Enjoy those Berries!!

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