Finally Summer?? A Ceramics Show!

Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists – Show opens TONIGHT!

WOW!  After the longest winter ever, the latest spring ever — We finally have Summer!!  Starting last weekend (the Summer Solstice) — Hot/muggy weather, major storms three nights in a row, major power outages.  And yes we were among the not-so-lucky — We lost all power for nearly two days.  But I’m glad I was not trying to fire a bisque kiln; and I’m relieved that everything was still frozen in our freezer!!  Many folks were without power for four and five days.

And, now that we’ve ‘recovered’ — Just letting everyone know there is a great Ceramics Show opening tonight!!  In Hudson, Wisconsin (just across the river from the Twin Cities) — At the Phipps Center for the Arts!!  Our group, MNWCA – Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists, is opening TWO Shows tonight:

  • A Members Show
  • A Juried Show “Tributaries”

And I do have several pieces selected for both shows!!  A Sake Set (soda fired) and a Square Platter (soda fired)….



If you’re in the Twin Cities (or Wisconsin), hope you can stop by the Show(s) sometime (through July 28).

Link / Directions:


Happy Summer everyone!!  I’m already prepping for some tasty summer-eats!!

One thought on “Finally Summer?? A Ceramics Show!

  1. Really like that Square Platter. Don’t know if I can get Jerry to stop by the show on our way up to visit, but I want to go. See you on the 19th!

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