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North Carolina – Pottery and Food:

Several years ago I attended a Pottery Workshop at Penland in North Carolina.  I met Akira Satake, a ceramic artist living in Asheville NC (originally from Japan); I’ve enjoyed receiving his Newsletter/Updates ever since!  He creates awesome Japanese pottery — Using several distinct styles and firing methods (Yakishime, Kohiki, more).  I LOVE following his artistic endeavors!  Additionally, his wife, Cynthia Pierce, is a professional pastry chef!  What a match of Pottery and Food!!  I feel that I simply must share their work.


Together, they’ve recently opened a new Gallery in Asheville — A Gallery with Pastry Shop!  And the Gallery web site includes a photo of a most beautiful, stunning Crostata (with a so-perfect crust) on a gorgeous Rustic Plate (wood fired?), with a few pieces of surrounding pottery.  And since this Blog is about Pottery and Food, I simply have to share this — Even if I did not take the photo.

And, they’re holding a Gallery OPEN HOUSE this weekend!!

A Summer Celebration this Saturday, the 22nd.  Gallery Mugen and Yuzu Patisserie — At Cotton Mill Studios in Asheville!  I really wish I lived closer to North Carolina; I would love to stop by (I really would love a bite of that Crostata).  Instead, I’m sharing a few more photos (all from the web)….


Above:  Tea Bowl LOVE!


Above:  Several pieces; Kohiki, variegated clays.


Above:  Vessel, LOVE the simple but dramatic form.

Golly Jeepers — I wish I could dash down to North Carolina this weekend!  Actually, there are so many wonderful potters in North Carolina, I really should start planning a trip!?!

Hope everyone enjoyed Akira’s work!  And I should mention, he is a serious musician as well as potter — Great Banjo!!


Pottery by Akira Satake  —

Pastries at Yuzu Patisserie —

Penland School of Crafts —


One thought on “Sharing – Akira Satake

  1. If you plan a trip to Asheville, I live 2 hours southwest of there. You would absolutely have to come visit….or I would have to come up there to meet you. Hugs,

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