Birthday Girl

I had a birthday this week — I’m now officially one year older than a week ago….

My husband gave me some lovely flowers — So lovely!  I had to put them in a favorite piece — A very woodfired Vessel made by Bede Clark!  Ceramic artist and professor at University of Missouri.  I LOVE his work — I acquired this piece several years ago at NCECA.


We also went out to Dinner!  WOW — We never manage to go out to dinner during the week (we’re ‘weekend folk’).  But it was the first totally sunny (comfortable) day in quite awhile — We went to a favorite Irish Pub to dine outside along Lake Minnetonka.  We enjoyed (shared) a big bowl of Mussels (with toasty bread for soaking up the wine broth), and then an awesome (perfectly cooked) Burger and Fries (with a really enjoyable local beer).  Great lakeside Birthday Dinner!


Then, we came home for a simple (summer/refreshing) Birthday Dessert — Key Lime Pie!  Served on one of my own Maasha Plates — Stoneware, slip with ashy/celadon glaze treatment around the (distressed) rim!

Basically, a pleasant, low-key, tasty Birthday!


And now, I’m hoping the last of my new work dries so that I can bisque-fire tonight.  Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend!

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