Rhubarb – On a Platter

Rhubarb Cake (with Candied Ginger):

It’s finally springtime in Minnesota (chilly, rainy, chilly), but we do have plenty of springtime rhubarb!  I also have a new platter that I just acquired during the St. Croix Pottery Tour.  So I’m sharing the two together — My new platter and a bit of rhubarb.


Actually, I grew up in a house with lots of rhubarb out in the yard — And I hated it; I HATED rhubarb.  Now, I have NO rhubarb in my yard, but I quite appreciate it’s tangy, unique (almost exotic) flavor.  I’ve discovered that it makes a lovely chutney; and it’s really great for baking.  So I’m sharing an easy, perfect-for-springtime Rhubarb-Ginger Cake.


The Food – Rhubarb-Ginger Cake:

I have a recipe for a Blueberry-Ginger Cake; I decided to try rhubarb instead.  It includes a very easy, very tasty, crumbly Ginger Topping (with lots of candied ginger) — I’m calling it Rhubarb-Ginger Crumble Cake!


With either rhubarb, or blueberries, or BOTH together — It really makes a great ‘coffee-cake’ for breakfast; and with a bit of whipped cream, it makes a delightful (gingery) dessert any time of the day.

Note — I’ve included the Recipe on my Recipes Page!

The Pottery – Platter by Guillermo Cuellar:

I’m sharing my Rhubarb-Ginger Cake on a platter made by Minnesota Artist, Guillermo Cuellar.  While working at the St. Croix Pottery Tour (with FIELDS full of pottery), I continually noticed a specific platter.  Quiet, earthy-greenish tone, broken ‘rope’ textured surface treatment — Finally, I got it!!  I think it’s a perfect presentation for the cake!  Guillermo’s pottery is so ‘comfortable’ — I think I’ll be using this Platter for many more yummy creations!

And a Link — www.GuillermoPottery.com



And just wondering — Did anyone else hate rhubarb, growing up??

Happy (finally?) Springtime everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb – On a Platter

  1. Beautiful strawberry red rhubarb on your new platter:). The recipe is a must try too. Our neighbour has a nice rhubarb patch that she shares so might just try that today. Growing up we had a rhubarb patch in the back yard, we would pick it and eat it raw. (then again we would eat raspberries before they were ripe). It was good fun getting siblings and friends to try it. I actually enjoyed the tartness of it and became accustomed to it and I loved stewed rhubarb. Then again I also had a friend who had a fruit & veggie store and she would bring lemons to school and we would peel and eat them. Today I wait for raspberries to ripen, I don’t eat raw rhubarb and I slice a lemon and have it in my soda.
    Thanks Marci.

  2. Thank you for sharing the recipe! I did not like rhubarb until just a few years ago when a coworker brought some strawberry/rhubarb crisp to work. I was very reluctant to try it because I didn’t like rhubarb. Or so I thought. It was delicious! I liked it so much that she dug up some of her rhubarb plants for me so I could grow my own rhubarb. Since then, I’ve tried several recipes, to which yours will be the next one. I’ve never used candied or powdered ginger before.

    As always your display is wonderful. But then, what wouldn’t look wonderful on handmade pottery? Making it up to a St. Croix Pottery Tour is also on my list of things that I plan to do some day. Thank you for sharing!

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