Springtime Weekend, Springtime Risotto

Springtime at my Farm:

I just dashed down to my Wisconsin Farm for the long holiday (Memorial Day) weekend.  And things were looking very green and spring-like; although the weather (and sky) was cloudy and cool and misty. I do hope everyone enjoyed a meaningful holiday weekend.

I’m now back home – And happy to share a few Springtime-at-the-Farm photos; and also, a Springtime Risotto (tasty with lobster and asparagus)!


Above — The calves next door, under the apple blossoms.


Above — Looking across the Pond….


Above — Most of our neighbors are Amish; plowing the fields….


Above — More plowing….

The Food — Lobster Risotto with Corn, Asparagus, and Pea Shoots:

I may live in the MidWest, but I love a bit of lobster now and then.  I had a few lobster tails in the freezer; and some very fresh springtime asparagus from a small market down the road.  I thought a Risotto would provide a perfect medium for combining these, along with sweetcorn and pea shoots.


I made a simple Risotto — Then mixed in sauteed leek, corn kernals (I freeze my own every year), gently sauteed lobster chunks, and asparagus.  All topped with happy pea shoots.  So delightful, springtime-tasty!!

And Risotto looks so inviting in a new bowl made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio.

The Rusty Pots (NOT Pottery):

I love RUST; old rusty things.  And as a potter concerned with three-dimensional work, I love finding interesting ‘forms’ of any material — Wood, metal, fiber.  So it’s always exciting when we ‘find’ some old relic on the Farm — Like the sturdy differential housing (from an old pickup truck?); and the very rusted-but-colorful, very deformed, old bucket (found in the mud in one of the ponds).  I love the ‘found’ RUSTY pots — Even though they’re not made of clay.


Hope everyone is enjoying (finally) Spring!!

2 thoughts on “Springtime Weekend, Springtime Risotto

  1. Love that rusty bucket!! it’s gorgeous!! Farm girl myself…everything has potential, especially old things. Have you read any of Michael Perry’s books? In his most recent book, “Visiting Tom”, he writes about his farmer neighbor and the community in which they live. There’s a chapter on the things in his garage I think you’d love!!!

    • Hi Christy — Good to hear from you! And thanks for recommendation about the book; I took a peek on Amazon (I’ll probably order). And yes, I love old worn and rusty things, especially from farm country!
      Thanks again — Marcia

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