Tres Leches Cake

Delightful Cake / Delightful Bowl:

I am still recovering from TWO back-to-back Arts Tours!  My Lake Minnetonka Tour (with sooooo much preparation); the St. Croix Pottery Tour (where I help out at Guillermo’s Studio).  I so enjoy both of these events (every year), but I also enjoy getting my life back when the excitement is over.

While working at the St. Croix Tour, Guillermo’s wife, Laurie, made a simple Tres Leches Cake for one of our desserts.  A ‘Mexican’ cake made with ‘three milks’ — Moist like a ‘custard’; delightful, refreshing, like a Mexican Tiramisu.  I had to try making this cake!  And I had to share one of my new Bowls that I acquired at the Tour!


The Food – Tres Leches Cake with Bananas & Cinnamon:

With Laurie’s recipe,  it was so easy to make!  First, a quick ‘sponge’ cake; when baked, poked with skewer all over.  Then, a mixture of ‘three milks’ (evaporated, sweetened/condensed, heavy cream) with a dash of Brandy — The milk-mixture poured over cooled cake.  Refrigerated for several hours (or overnight) — Done, easy but elegant!  I served with sliced bananas, extra whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon — Truly delectable-amazing!!  The flavors worked so wonderfully together!

Note — I did not have Brandy; I used a dash of Drambuie — OMG!  Definitely amazing, wonderful!

Recipe (Laurie’s Recipe) included on my Recipe Page.

The Pottery – Bowl by Jim Lorio:


I acquired several pieces this year made by Colorado Artist, Jim Lorio.  Several shallow bowls, and a few more goodies (I’ll share later).  I chose this Bowl (almost a plate) for presentation of my Cake — Stoneware with Jim’s snowy-white, silky smooth Glaze (I LOVE this glaze); random texture marks inside the Bowl; three delightful, ruffly dents along the rim.  I think this Bowl was perfect for a serving of Tres Leches Cake with Banana!


Hope everyone enjoyed my ‘recovery’ treat — Tres Leches Cake (in Jim Lorio Bowl)!

Now, I’ve got some major GLAZING to do, for a firing this week.

2 thoughts on “Tres Leches Cake

  1. I have served this cake more than once at my Cinco de Mayo parties, the same weekend as the Lake Minnetonka Tour. Rich and yummy! Glad you had the experience!

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