Two Tours — So Many Pots!!

Lake Minnetonka / St. Croix Valley:

I am exhausted!  TWO Arts Tours in two back-to-back weekends — So much fun!  So much work!  So many Pots!

First, our Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour.  Loved playing Host on our Tour again this year!  Thank you to so many wonderful folks who came out to enjoy our art; to enjoy our Pottery — My pots; Sandra Shaughnessy’s pots!  We would have liked ‘warmer’ weather — But truly, it was great to see everyone.  Again, a sincere thank you for stopping by!


Next, (this past weekend) the St. Croix Pottery Tour where I always help out at Guillermo’s (Guillermo Cuellar Studio).  And this year I got a motel room in St. Croix Falls for the long weekend.  A fantastic (incredibly busy) weekend — Full of pottery and more pottery, and wonderful people, and wonderful food.  The weather was ‘mostly’ great (Saturday was super-blustery), but at least Winter has finally let go.

And now that the whirlwind is over, I am so looking forward to getting my life back!  But first, sharing a few of the photos I managed to get — Mostly gorgeous flowers in gorgeous vases….

The Pottery / The Flowers:


Above:  Flowers in a Jim Lorio Vase, with stunning Guillermo Platter in the foreground.


Above:  Flowers (lots of Iris) in a Steve Rolf Vase.


Above:  Lovely Flowers in a Guillermo Cuellar Vase.


Above:  Gorgeous Flowers in a (very woodfired) Dick Cooter Vase.

And Note:  My sister, Janice, came up from Arkansas — And had fun doing ALL the flower arranging!

Yes, it’s all been a whirlwind (TWO Tours) — But I always enjoy ‘my own’ Tour; I always enjoy helping at the St. Croix Tour!  Sooooooo many Pots!!

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