SO BUSY with Arts Event!

Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour in THREE Weeks!

Yes, I’ve been unbelievably busy the past few weeks – Getting ready for our Arts Tour!!  Again — I’ve been sooooooo  busy the past few weeks!!  Brochures, new pots, brochures and labels, more new pots, more brochures and labels, glazing and firing, brochures finally mailed out.


And through it all, snow and MORE snow!  We look like February, but it’s actually mid-April!  Last week, a three-day storm left some of us with nearly 10 inches of snow – And expecting chilly temps this week.  That means barely any melting.  And our Arts Tour is happening in THREE short weeks!  I don’t know how we’ll get our homes and yards and decks and studios ready — With so much snow in the way.


Some Pottery:

And because I’ve been soooooo busy (and definitely NOT cooking, and not even ‘thinking’ about food) – I’m sharing a few clay pieces by some of our Ceramic Artists in the Tour.


Above:  Lovely Bowl with Shino glaze and stylized floral design — Made by Pratibha Gupta.


Above:  Totally FUN Fish-Stix (fish with attitude) for the garden or the patio — Made by Donna Winberg.


And finally, collection of Butter Dishes (inspired by circus tents) – Made by Sandra Shaughnessy.

Sure wish Spring would happen!!  It’s so much easier getting ready for the Arts Tour when the seasons are CORRECT — And the weather is cooperating!

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