Where is Spring??

I admit — I’m ready for Spring.  But this year in Minnesota, Winter drags on.  Apparently, we have so much ‘snow pack’ (from late winter snows) we simply are not warming up.  And the snow is barely melting!  But I’m truly ready for SPRING.  A hint of spring?


I’m trying to alleviate my late-winter frustration.  With perky (hopeful) tulips in a favorite ‘envelope’ Vase — Against ever present snow.  Where is Spring?

Actually, I’ve been quite busy (very busy) — Finally making more and more pots, getting ready for our Spring (Studio Tour) Show.  And it does feel good to be filling the kiln again.  Even if there’s still so much snow around.

So I’m just sharing a bit of greenware — A few mugs, a few new ‘almond-shaped’ baking dishes, a few ‘envelope’ vases, a few FROGS!  I really enjoyed making the ‘almond’ baking dishes — Already making more.


I expect to fire to bisque tonight — Then have fun with a soda firing next week.  That’s an outdoor kiln — So I’m sure we’ll still have plenty of chilly, worn-out snow to taunt us as we load and fire.

WHERE is Spring??



3 thoughts on “Where is Spring??

  1. Hi Marcia – I loved the pictures on your blog this time. When will winter end? It sure goes on and on.

    My step-sister in D.C. has a daughter get married in early May, so I would like to look at your pottery to find a wedding gift. Maybe we could find some time in the next few weeks that would work for us both.

    I’ll call you to schedule a time.

  2. Hi Marcia, the calendar reads March 31 and your photos reflect mid winter. Oh, then I see the daffodils tucked in the green ware and the tulips in thel envelope vase with those lovely daffodils tucked in that picture too. 🙂
    I look forward to seeing the results from your next firing in the soda kiln.

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