Quiz Time — Who is the Artist?

Yes — Another Quiz-of-the-Month!


Who is the Artist:  A favorite (perfect) Bowl; lovely, generous form; a band of subtle textured decoration; earthy but varied dark ashy glaze.  Can you guess — WHO is the Artist??  Hint: Technically, NOT a Minnesota Artist.

Before I provide the answer — Here is one more Image (with something festive and YUMMY)!


Answer:  The Artist is – Steve Rolf, a Wisconsin Artist (just across the river from Minnesota).  This bowl has always been a favorite.  Also, a wonderful way to enjoy an amazing-tasty Thai Coconut Soup — Spicy, gingery, very coconut-infused.  With Butternut Squash, Shiitake Mushroom, Snow Peas and cut-up Chicken — A bite of oven-roasted Tomato for garnish.  All so colorful in a favorite Steve Rolf Bowl!


Steve Rolf’s pottery is always perfect for any food!  As I’ve stated in previous postings — He creates wonderful, sensuous, perfect-for-the-table pottery.  He uses a very dark, fine-particle (very smooth) claybody, and has developed the silkiest, satin glazes.  Wonderful to hold in my hands, to set at the table, to fill with any food!

Link to Steve’s Web Site – www.scRolfPotter.com.


And that TASTY Thai Coconut Soup??  I was inspired by a recipe from another Blog (a lovely FOOD blog) — Tartelette.

Link:  www.TarteletteBlog.com

Hope everyone enjoyed another Quiz-of-the-Month!

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