Special Cake – Japanese Pastry

Japanese foods….  Nearly everyone would think of rice, or tofu, or sushi/sashimi, or maybe miso soup.  But Japan also includes the most delectable pastries — At least as fine and wonderful as French pastries!!

On my last trip to Japan, I was travelling with my sister — I truly believe we found EVERY high-end pastry shop between Tokyo and Fukuoka.  Daily, we indulged in the most heavenly, creamy layered cakes and goodies with exquisite embellishments.  Sigh!


The Food — Chestnut Creme Cake:

I have several Japanese friends — Who recently discovered a Japanese pastry-maker here in Minnesota!  Consequently, several slices of a very special cake arrived in my life — A lovely Chestnut Creme Cake.

I’m not sure that ‘cake’ is the right description.  This really consisted of a fine crust with several layers of wonderful creamy, custardy, chestnutty goodness — Topped with strands of (I’m guessing here) chocolate/chestnut ‘noodles’!!  Oh I do LOVE creamy!!  The flavors were divine — Nutty, exotic, divine.  A cherished bite of Japanese pastry in the middle of Minnesota.  Sigh again!

The Pottery – Plate from Japan:


I enjoyed my slice of Layered Chestnut Creme Cake on a Special Plate that I acquired in Japan; in the mountain village of Takayama.  Made of a light stoneware with surface texture and a deep green oribe-type glaze.  I love the ‘torn’ corners; I love the random iron splotches.  And I loved every bite of my special Japanese pastry on my Japanese plate!


Wishing everyone a happy pastry in your life!


4 thoughts on “Special Cake – Japanese Pastry

  1. Hi Marcia, Thanks so much for the fine plate that I won in your drawing! It’s really nice…love the surfaces.  Darrel


  2. What a lovely description of flavors and presentation! However,are you going to keep the location of the Japanese Pastry maker in Minnesota a secret? 🙂

    • Hi Jacky — Good to hear from you! Japanese Pastry Lady is not exactly in the Twin Cities — She’s all the way down in Owatonna. Her name is Ayumi. If I ever meet her, I will certainly share more.
      What goodies have YOU been making lately?
      — Marcia

      • Hi Marcia – what a nice coincident! Owatonna is right around the corner from Steve’s parent’s home town 🙂
        I’ve mostly been baking my traditional thuringian plum pie to fulfill my families wishes.
        Take care – Jacky

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