A Simple Breakfast

It’s already midweek.  The blizzards of last week have settled down — The major news-worthy Northeast Blizzard; our less ferocious Minnesota/Plains blizzard two days ago.  Today, I just want to enjoy a simple breakfast, on some special pottery — Before I jump into the rest of Winter.


First, a cup of coffee in a rather special Mug — Made by Montana artist Josh DeWeese.  I love the loose ‘thrown’ statement of this mug; my hands love the silky surface.  Always a special day when I have my coffee in this mug.

The Food — Scrambled Eggs with Leek and Prosciutto:


Now, the actual breakfast.  Something simple — Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Leek and Prosciutto.  I simply chopped the Leeks and sauteed very gently for about two minutes, then I added the chopped Prosciutto and again, sauteed very gently another minute.  Then I added the eggs, mixed with a wee bit of heavy cream.  I cooked very gently, mixing all together, till the eggs were perfectly, evenly cooked but still creamy.

I served with oven-roasted potato strips; and garnished with green onion and grated cheese.  Simple midweek breakfast.  Perfectly balanced flavors — Breakfast-delicious!

The Pottery — Mark Shapiro:


I found delight in serving my simple breakfast on a full-sized plate made by Mark Shapiro, a wood fire potter from Massachusetts.  I acquired several plates last year during the St. Croix Pottery Tour.  I so appreciate the warm, mottled, rope-textured inner area, contrasted with the ashy solid-black rim.  And I love the subtle six-sided geometry of the rim!  Earthy and dramatic at the same time.  And I think my simple breakfast of Scrambled Eggs (and Potatoes) looks wonderful!

Link to Mark Shapiro’s Web Site:  www.StonePoolPottery.com


And now I’m ready for the rest of Winter.


One thought on “A Simple Breakfast

  1. I can see why it is a special day. Beautiful pottery! I, too, find that serving food on handmade pottery adds so much to the dining experience. The food seems to look and taste better. Last night I enjoyed a glass of red wine in a short Josh DeWeese cup. It was special! Thank you for sharing.

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