Winter Cheer — And THREE Winners!

Announcing the Winners of my Anniversary Give-Away!

First, some Bright Winter Cheer — Lovely orange tulips in a fun (favorite) Maasha ‘Envelope’ Vase.


The Drawing:

For my Anniversary Give-Away, I placed ALL Comments and ‘Likes’ in a squared, lidded jar.  My nephew Colin was really goofing it up this year; but eventually, he drew THREE Winners!


And before I announce the Winners — A reminder, I was offering THREE Prizes for three Winners….


The Winners:

The First Winner — Darrel Bowman, a potter in Wisconsin, near LaCrosse — Chose the rectangular, overlapped Sushi Plate.

The Second Winner — Ellen Mulligan, a potter in New Jersey — Chose the leaf-shaped Sushi Plate.

The Third Winner — Aleta Priebe, a potter in Alberta, Canada (beyond Edmonton) — Will receive the ooshy/smooshy Soy Pitcher.

CONGRATULATIONS to all three Winners!!!


I so appreciate all the Comments!  A major Thank You to EVERYONE – For all your words, for your interest!!  I’m already planning  another Give-Away, for later this year — So that I can send a prize to more of you!

Again — Congratulations, and Thank You EVERYONE!


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