Winter Soup on a Very Cold Day

14 Below Zero — Brrrrrrrrrrr

It’s official — My Anniversary Give-Away is now closed.  Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments!  All submitted Comments (and Likes) will be collected for a Random Drawing by my lively nephew, Colin.  Three Winners will be notified — It’s just so exciting!

In the meantime, we’re waking up to our second Minnesota/Twin Cities cold-snap of the month — 14 below zero overnight, and an expected high of only zero today.  It’s a good day for a pleasing Winter Soup — Cauliflower & Yellow Pepper with a bit of crumbled Bacon.


The Food — Curried Cauliflower & Yellow Pepper Soup:

Winter is a good time for Cauliflower; and I just happened to have Yellow Peppers on hand.  Sounds like a combo meant to be Soup!

I prepared/sauteed Onion, then the Yellow Peppers; I lightly roasted the Cauliflower pieces in the oven.  I simmered all together with Chicken Broth and Curry Spices.  With an immersion blender, I pureed the mixture — Then I returned to the stovetop and mixed in a bit of cream.  I simmered another few minutes — It definitely had become a Winter Soup!

I served with a topping of crumbled Bacon — And a crusty loaf of Rustic Bread.  Easy, tasty.

The Pottery — Soup Bowl by Sam Taylor:


I’m serving my Cauliflower Soup in a favorite, straight-sided Bowl, made by Ceramic Artist Sam Taylor, of Massachusetts.  Stoneware, wood fired, so practical.  Sam’s pottery is about earthy simplicity — Sometimes including appealing forms of birds or fish; sometimes simply geometric.  I’m quite happy I found this bowl last spring during the St. Croix Pottery Tour!  It’s absolutely perfect for a warm Soup on a VERY cold day.

Link to Sam Taylor Web Site:

Stay tuned for the announcement of Give-Away Winners — And do stay warm!


6 thoughts on “Winter Soup on a Very Cold Day

  1. Sweet bowl! I really like the simplicity of it… especially the handle. Love handles on bowls. It’s cold here in Nebraska too, although not as cold as Minnesota, thank goodness. Even my huskies said it was too cold this morning.
    Thank you for sharing the recipes and the pictures. Pam

  2. Oooh, yum! It’s freezing here too and I’ve been thinking “soup” all day. Like the bowls too! Thanks for sharing. Stay warm….

  3. I need a bowl of that. We got minus 14 celcius and windchill factor of minus 30. I just want to hold that cup for a bit before I down the soup!! Lovely cup for a delicious looking soup.

  4. I really like the soup bowl. And the soup sounds like a winner. Adding the yellow pepper should really make a difference in the cauliflower soup.

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