Quiz Time – Who is the Artist?

WOW – It’s been a very long while since I’ve posted my ‘Quiz-of-the-Month’ (which I was really running only every other month)….

I’m trying to re-implement my Quiz-of-the-Month.  Here goes….


Who is the Artist:  A wonderfully useful shallow-rimmed bowl; an earth-tone matt glaze.  Perfect for pasta, salad, soup – Or serving at the table.  Can you guess — WHO is the Artist??  Hint:  One of the Artists with the St. Croix Pottery Tour.

Before I provide the answer — Here is one more Image.


Answer:  The Artist is – Bob Briscoe, a Minnesota Artist (a good friend).  This bowl is a somewhat earlier piece – But is PERFECT for a quick Winter Pasta that I threw together.  Mushroom, bacon, Brussel’s Sprouts and chestnuts – Over very wide noodles.  And because there was so much room in the bowl, I also included a bit of grilled, sliced chicken breast.  All comfort-food YUMMY!

Bob Briscoe is known for his comfortable, straight-forward, always-useful forms – Generally, with an application of crackle slip and various ash glazes.  His work usually consists of bowls, pasta bowls, tea bowls, pudgy boxes, vases, and large (really large) platters!!


This Platter has been a favorite (on my great-room coffee table) for a number of years.  I love the criss-cross grid statement in the center of platter (the artist’s fingers through the slip), and the earthy/ashy glazing over the entire piece, including the very wide rim.  Bob’s work is about simplicity and generosity — Both with his generous pots that allow for sharing food and fellowship, and his own generous nature.  I’ve taken a number of workshops with Bob – I’m looking forward to another workshop in February (Edina Art Center)!!

Here is a Link to his Web Site: www.RobertBriscoe.com

Hope everyone enjoyed (after a lengthy hiatus) another Quiz-of-the-Month!!

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