Happy New Year — Favorites & Finds

Happy New Year – Everyone!!


The start of a new year is always a time for me to look back a bit — And to look forward.  To reflect on some ‘favorites’ of the year-ending; to look forward to the possibilities to be ‘found’ throughout the coming year.  Just thought I’d share a bit of this exercise with you….

Looking Back at 2012….

A Favorite Food (that I shared on this Blog):


Cheesey Polenta with Wild Mushroom & Roasted Garlic.  I posted this back in April – I must make this again!!  The Mushroom Topping was so earthy, and rich, and the Polenta so cheesey/creamy.  I must make this again!

A Favorite (Maasha) Clay Piece:


Several pieces, actually….

Above:  I’m really pleased with my newer ziggy-zaggy ‘designs’ for my ‘Anything/Everything’ Bowls.  And the bowls are soooo practical — For pasta, salad, curries, even serving bowls.  A Maasha-Favorite.


Above:  I’m also really pleased with my larger Ashy Square Plates (almost Platters) – Soda Fired with ash drips.  I’m really pleased with the way these are firing and coming out of the kiln!

And finally – I definitely had fun making my FROGS!


A Favorite Acquisition (New Pottery):

A very special Large ‘Centerpiece’ Platter, made by Steve Rolf – A classic form by Steve.  I love the ‘corduroy’ texture, the silky-smooth earthy-gold glaze.  So glad I was able to add this to my life!!


And a reminder — I really enjoyed featuring Steve’s pottery earlier this year on my Posting — Dinner with Friends!

A Favorite Accomplishment:

My new Remodeled Basement & Studio!!!  This is a no-brainer!  We had soooooo much stuff to get out of the way (everything in my basement) – Before new walls and trim and doors and painting and carpeting.  And now it feels like we have a totally NEW house!  And I have such an awesome NEW studio!!

A Favorite Find (a miscellaneous thing):

A new ‘recipe’ Book – Japanese Farmhouse Cooking.  I don’t get too many new recipe books any more (I already have a wall-full).  But this just appealed to me (the concept, the comfortable photos).  I had to order it.


Looking Forward to 2013 (a few Goals?)….

My Blog – Hope to find the time to update this Blog to a slightly new format.

My Studio – Hope to make all kinds of NEW WORK – Just let myself go ‘undirected’ for a bit and try some new forms, new pieces, new glazing applications.

My Life – Hope to take a few more trips this year.  A vacation certainly; an out-of-town clay Workshop would be nice; more trips to my Farm.  Any ideas???

Again — Wishing Everyone a Happy Happy New Year!!!


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